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"This month has been a really positive month for training"

15 January 2015

So this month has been a really positive month for training. I am feeling a lot more excited than scared!

I have been running at least 25 miles per week and most weeks 40. Sunday is my favourite run of the training programme as I have the most amazing support from my other 3 marathon training partners (Lee, Faye and Colin). Although it is the longest and hardest run of the week (we have been doing 13 miles most Sundays and even Christmas Eve!).

LM15Louise3In December I took part in 2 organised runs – The Gutbuster (10 miles of mud) and the Greenwich 10K Christmas run. I was so proud running the Greenwich 10K as I beat my time by 4minutes (I did the same 10K in October) so I went from 55 minutes to 51 minutes. I was very pleased and I feel this is because of the stone and a half I have lost since November J Gutbuster was horrific – it was my first trail run. It was cold, icey, muddy and hilly – not a great combination. It was however really good for our training and we got a lovely medal!

I really am dedicated to this training, my nutrition and running has really improved since the end of November. I am a lot faster and am now running mostly under or around 9 minute miles. Yesterday I did 5K in 24 minutes – another PB, mostly run under 8 minute miles!

Only 15.5 weeks to go – feeling on top form and pretty much on top of the world right now. Thank god for my husband’s support and my marathon buds! 

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