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Less than 8 weeks to go after today!

10 August 2014

Two weeks until the Severn Bridge Half Marathon which is the lead up to the Bournemouth Marathon. Well at least I have now managed to secure accommodation and just in time as there is not much left! So at least the boys will have a bed for the night before the marathon day and plenty of sea air on the Saturday to encourage a good nights sleep before the day.

This week we were spoilt by the weather but with the ongoing threat of the side effects of hurricane Bertha that would come through today - thank goodness though that this ended up much less than it was originally predicted a week ago. I did manage my 21.5miles this morning in the torrential rain, but once you get wet you can't really get any wetter so the i-pod and I just carried on - but now my well run trainers need a good and proper drying out period! My legs - well they just need a really good stretch and perhaps some new ones!

The week just gone was a bit all over the place so as a result  my training was as well, but that is fine but it just means being very organised and organising everyone else as well so that it all runs smoothly at home. We had not been able to get to any of the games in Glasgow but did see some on the television, however I went to Glasgow for the day for work last week and it was amazing to see how the Commonwealth Games was still very prominent within the city just  a day or so after the close, and what an amazing experience it must have been for those who were able to be there during. It was quite surprising though when I was innocently waiting at the departures gate area of the airport and all of a sudden a band including bag pipes suddenly appeared and started playing - but was very patriotic at the same time!

Yesterday as a belated part of Nathaniel's birthday (now 6) we went to Longleat to do the Deadly 60 trail and safari - and oh my was it good. It was so well organised and although mid-afternoon we did have some really heavy showers (and as badly organised parents we forgot the waterproofs) had a great time outdoors doing the challenge and then we were safely in the car for the Safari including in amongst the cheeky monkeys. The children had a great time, as did we as parents, and of course a late night home but topped off with a well known burger outlet treat close to home. What really topped off the day was that Steve Backshall (Deadly man) was on a television programme which we just happened to switch on and was being interviewed so Nathaniel was mesmerised by his 'hero' and a new series of Deadly next weekend!

Hopefully the weather will sort itself out this week- although can't complain really as when I was training for the Brighton Marathon it was wind, rain, ice and snow all at the same time on my long training runs!

One question to leave today on - why does it have t be so hard to get slippers for children - just simple ones? After lunch and bake up at home we popped into town to get some much needed slippers for the boys to no avail - apparently slipper season starts in the run up to Christmas? 

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