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My legs still feel like lead so I am really looking forward to a sports massage this Wednesday!

26 July 2014

There was a birthday this week for Nathaniel - he was six on Tuesday but of course being a child somehow the birthday lasts a week.

Monday night was making a cake at 9pm and icing before bed in time for when he came home from after school club so we could have a mini celebration, the night before one of his friends very kindly invited him over to celebrate his birthday there and today we are all now recovering as it was his birthday party this morning plus I managed to get my 16mile run in beforehand - not sure if that was foolish or very organised! Now the boys are all outside with nerf guns so I am just hiding indoors.


Yesterday was a day to be proud too as I made a Batman car out of Lego ....(see photo attached styled by Nathaniel!)

The partnership work that I am involve in around nutrition is extremely rewarding and this week there will be a live debate with The Guardian network on Friday on the topic of nutrition and malnutrition and where are we now. It is so frustrating hearing some of the stories from Carers themselves and their own experiences of nutritional care when on the flip side you also hear of some really good examples - so high is this? Anyway that is why I am so pleased to be able to join up my challenge and support Carers UK at the same time if I can through the Just giving page.

Thank goodness for a fantastic holiday club near us where the two boys can go, although in just one day they were there on Friday my eldest (8) is completely and utterly obsessed now with loom bands!!

Here is to a good week and not being ridiculously stiff after today's run and also to say thank you to Garmin for fixing my watch so quickly.

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