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MARCHing on!

14 April 2014

"Half way to half way of running a marathon"

“Yay it’s March, the sun is finally shining, the flowers are in bloom, and there’s only five weeks to go until the Brighton Marathon” is how I imagine someone who has no injuries feels about life and that upcoming 'little' race right now. Don’t get me wrong, I do want the sun to be shining and to see the pretty flowers, I just don’t want it to be March, I want it to be October again when I had two working legs. I am of course wishing everyone running the Brighton Marathon in FIVE WEEKS time the best of luck.

But I must be positive, now I have run the epic distance of nearly 9km – the other 33km are in the bag then I guess? Well, my husband seems to think so. I told him today that I had nearly run 9km, to which he replied “that’s good, nearly half way there then”. “No”, I shouted at him down the phone “I’m not running a half marathon!” To which I was told: “Oh well half way to half way of running a marathon then.” Hmm, yes I guess so…

However, I have now run outside (high five to me). Ran a whopping three miles to see how my leg would cope with running outside – the jury is still out on that one as this week my leg has definitely been worse. I felt like a naughty schoolgirl telling my sports massage therapist that I had deviated from our strict gym-only training programme and I was told in no uncertain terms that I should still only be training indoors. Whoops, I guess I had forgotten that I was running the marathon on a treadmill whilst all of the other competitors run through the streets of Brighton – so nice of the organisers to think of little old me and my leg. Oh hang on, I'm not – I do have to run on the pavement! But my masseuse knows his stuff and every time I've done something he hasn't suggested then I've paid for it, and this time is no exception.

So I'm back to behaving myself and doing as I'm told, although I did do Zumba this week (I’m not telling him about this one!) as I decided to try something different, and I can honestly say that it was quite possibly both one of the worst and best experiences all rolled into one. I have never looked more ridiculous and been more un-coordinated in any situation ever whilst still having a brilliant time (unlike Pilates where I was truly terrible and having an awful time). Probably going to have to leave my gym though after the embarrassment of my dancing, I think I was putting everyone off with my moves.

"An insight into the nature of caring for an ill family member"

So alongside my strict stretch, walk, run, walk, cross train, row, stretch routine I’ve also been doing a little bit of caring myself… for my husband that is! After a trip to the Alps to show off his snowboarding prowess on the slopes, he arrived back in London with a knee the size of a football and a request to be taken to A&E to get some crutches. The poor thing has been hobbling around for the past week, unable to do much for and has been in a sorry state. Of course I could never compare my situation to the tireless work of the many carers out there but it did give me (in the smallest way possible) an insight into the relentless nature of caring for an ill family member.

My husband was able to start doing things for himself again after about a week, but for many of the people that Carers UK help, this is a full time job, which can continue for many, many years. These brilliant tireless people need people like me to run the Brighton Marathon to raise as much money as possible for them so they can carry on caring and receive the much needed support and advice they get from Carers UK.

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