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Five minutes down… one marathon to go!

31 January 2014

"My current training plan simply involves just a five minute run"

If you read my last blog you must be thinking that by now I will, at the very least, have been for a few gentle runs outside, and probably some longer treadmill sessions at the gym. You might also be thinking that although I’m a couple of months behind with my training I will now finally, after months of droning on about injury, definitely be on course to kick this Brighton Marathon’s butt…

Well let me stop you right there with those thoughts, and be the first to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. My current training plan simply involves just a five minute run.

Hang on, I hear you say, this is clearly a typo, at the very least she must a five mile run, because anything other than this must be sheer madness. But no, I assure you I mean a five MINUTE run (actually, make that a jog).

So I’m not going to bore you with the details of my latest injury woes (well maybe just a little – I can’t resist a little wallowing). If you remember in mylast blog I had just started shuffling along again on a treadmill and I was hopeful that things were going to improve for my poor little leg. Sadly this was not the case and the next time I tried to run, I lasted approximately thirty seconds before trudging off the treadmill with, I’m not ashamed to admit, a few tears in my eyes. However the whole experience has made me mature a little bit. A few months ago, I would have taken this as a sign of no pain no gain and run regardless. Now it feels like actually this pain might equal amputation shortly, so best to give it all a rest.

‘So what now?’, I’m thinking. I can’t run but I’m due to run the marathon. I’m raising money for a great charity, I’m writing a blog all about how I’m not going to give up, so how can I give up?

"I'm down but I'm not out"

I’m going to throw everything at this **** (up to you what you insert!) stupid leg in one last ditch attempt to do my best to fulfil my promise to Carers UK and all the carers out there. I’ve run twice now and both times it’s felt more like I’m coming out of an injury rather than being actually injured. My sports massage therapist has given me lots of confidence that this marathon is still possible for me, he thinks the aim for me is to be fit enough to run a marathon but not actually do the level of training someone would normally do beforehand. So I’m still on-board, I’m still clinging on for dear life and I’m down but I’m not out.

But right now it feels a little like my one year old is closer to running a marathon than I am, as my picture of her dressed up in my Carers UK t shirt and wearing my trainers (on her hands!) proves. I guess the true test will come in the next couple of weeks when I can start running outside again, but I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m sticking to exactly what he says as otherwise I’m all out of options.

"A responsibility like this is one you can never be fully prepared for"

What I’m asking is please, please send me positive vibes and I will do my very best to still try and run the Brighton Marathon for Carers UK. I guess I have it in my head now that I am never going to be fully prepared to run this marathon, there’s not the time now, and all I can do is the best I possibly can.

I can imagine it’s the same thought that many carers have. They didn’t feel quite ready to take on the commitment of caring for an older or disbaled fmaily member or friend, but they didn’t have a choice. It is such a life-changing event, which for some may have come out of the blue, and many may not have been ready for the enormity of the task ahead. To be a carer is hard work. For some it’s around the clock care with someone completely reliant on you. Your life is no longer just your own and there is someone else to consider too in the many decisions that you make in your day to day life. It just strikes me that a responsibility like this is one you can never be truly prepared for and that (injury permitting) is going to be my inspiration for running a marathon with very little training, so that any money I raise can go towards a fantastic charity that helps support those wonderful carers who might be a little bit underprepared like me.

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