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On the treadmill to recovery

14 April 2014

Hello, me again, the injured stay-at-home mum of two small children hoping to run the Brighton Marathon in exactly (as I write this) 13 weeks time.

Not concerned at all that I’ve just looked in a Runners World Complete Guide to Women’s Running magazine and it has a 14 week marathon schedule (for a beginner I hasten to add!) leading up to the big day. Not worried at all, not me, no way…

Ok I admit I am a teeny bit worried, if you read my last blog (you should if you didn’t, it was a cracking injury-ridden read) then you will know that I’m having a few problems with my training. BUT I have at least started running again. Before Christmas I did one 4k treadmill run (I know, I am so close to completing a marathon right now it hurts – it does literally hurt actually!). Now to say this was a slow run would be slightly under egging the Christmas pudding (is that a phrase?). I actually felt ashamed to be seen at the gym running at this speed, it was pitiful. However, I told myself, I had at least run, well jog, well actually just done a sort of 'movement' which was slightly faster than walking, but my main aim had been to do a run before Christmas and then rest until the New Year. Speaking of which I do hope anyone reading this had a great Christmas and New Year, we’ve had a festive, fun, food (and ok, I admit it, drink too) filled one.

'New year, new training plan'

So New Year, new training plan, hmm… wish I knew what that was other than the 'Claire Ramsay I have no idea how to train for a Marathon in only 13 weeks' – I suspect Runners World will be in touch about this one so I better patent the idea fast!

I guess broadly my plan over January has to be softly, softly does it. I managed another very, very, very slow run a couple of days ago, 7k and if I’m brutally honest my leg is still a bit sore, but I stretched before and after, put ice on my leg to recover, used a foam roller (thanks for the tip Beth Ellard at Carers UK) and two days later my leg feels no worse than before I did the run, so I’m taking that as positive news. I’m hoping that now gentle training is under way, I’m going to build up my mileage slowly on the treadmill and hoping that for my next blog I’ll be able to tell you that I have run outside and preferably that people ambling slowly along the street weren’t walking at a faster pace than me.

'What started out as a very minimal amount of caring shortly became a large part of my mum's life'

Four generations for websiteThis photo was taken in 2010 and shows me, my mum and my nan, taken as she was meeting my eldest daughter Cleo for the first time. My mum has cared for her since 1998 (after my pap died) and what started out as a very minimum amount of caring very shortly became a large part of my mum’s life due to my nan’s increasing lack of mobility and dementia.

After several years of slow but sure deterioration my nan has very recently moved to the dementia unit of a care home to get the specialist care she now needs. My amazing mum did the best that she could, for as long as she could under the circumstances. She now sees her every day, and puts her into bed each evening, doing as much as she can during this time. My mum spent most of Christmas Day with her at her nursing home, before finally putting herself first and driving to Middlesex to see all of us. It made me think about the many carers out there who must have had a difficult time this Christmas, who put someone else first during that special time for the whole day, and didn’t necessarily have the Christmas they wanted to have because it was more important to make sure that the person/people they look after were happy and safe during Christmas time.

So if the millions of people in the UK caring for their relatives and friends were able and willing to put someone else’s needs and happiness first in this way then I want to put their needs and happiness first to help raise money for Carers UK.

Carers UK will ensure they get the support, information and advice they need to carry on caring for the people they love, so I will keep training, keep raising money and definitely run the Brighton Marathon in 13 weeks time (and as I said honestly the timescale isn’t playing on my mind at all!)

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