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Claire's marathon blog

The fantastic Claire Ramsay shares how she took to the streets of Brighton to complete her first ever marathon.

In the months running up the event Claire blogged about her experiences of taking on the challenge – read all about her marathon journey below.

I did it!

“I felt an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time… I was a part of something really special, camaraderie was at a high”

What a great Sunday for British sport, Lewis Hamilton wins the Bahrain Grand Prix, Oxford wins the Boat Race (I’m always biased towards them for some reason!) and Claire Ramsay wins (oh sorry not wins, damn!) finishes the Brighton Marathon in under five hours.

Hitting the wall

"I’ve come so far since January and my little five minute run so I’m feeling as positive as I can be…”

Now I’ve heard of people hitting the wall during a marathon, well I’m hitting the wall of going to the gym ie I’m at the stage that if I ever have to go there again I might hit something, maybe a wall? I’m such a regular there right now that I seem to have acquired the nickname of “Marathon Girl” from another regular; every time he sees me he seems to pick the very point at which I’m struggling the most to come over and speak to me. Now, I am a very antisocial gym goer at the best of times, so when I’m trying to achieve what feels like the impossible, it’s not the time to come and speak to me, so while I’m talking of hitting things…he’d better watch out!

MARCHing on!

"Half way to half way of running a marathon"

“Yay it’s March, the sun is finally shining, the flowers are in bloom, and there’s only five weeks to go until the Brighton Marathon” is how I imagine someone who has no injuries feels about life and that upcoming 'little' race right now. Don’t get me wrong, I do want the sun to be shining and to see the pretty flowers, I just don’t want it to be March, I want it to be October again when I had two working legs. I am of course wishing everyone running the Brighton Marathon in FIVE WEEKS time the best of luck.

Five minutes down… one marathon to go!

"My current training plan simply involves just a five minute run"

If you read my last blog you must be thinking that by now I will, at the very least, have been for a few gentle runs outside, and probably some longer treadmill sessions at the gym. You might also be thinking that although I’m a couple of months behind with my training I will now finally, after months of droning on about injury, definitely be on course to kick this Brighton Marathon’s butt…

On the treadmill to recovery

Hello, me again, the injured stay-at-home mum of two small children hoping to run the Brighton Marathon in exactly (as I write this) 13 weeks time.

Not concerned at all that I’ve just looked in a Runners World Complete Guide to Women’s Running magazine and it has a 14 week marathon schedule (for a beginner I hasten to add!) leading up to the big day. Not worried at all, not me, no way…

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