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Creative writing competition 2018: anthology volume 5

Congratulations for being selected to have your poem or short story published in volume five of our creative writing anthology. Please complete the form below by 21 November so we have all the information we need.

Once we have a full proof of the anthology we will send the pages that your entry and your notes appear on for you to review. We will give you at least a week to get in touch if you have any urgent amends.

We will send you one free copy of the anthology once it is published.

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Notes on contributors

Please provide us with some background notes about yourself for the 'Notes on contributors' section at the back of the anthology. This should be a maximum of 50 words, and written in third person. We’re especially keen to hear whether you have any personal experience of caring and whether you are an experienced writer or new to writing.

Your notes:(*)
Please complete your background notes.

If you would like to, you can use this space to tell us more about your caring experiences and why you entered the competition. We won't publish this information in the anthology, but may decide to use it to develop features for the Carers UK website, social media or the media.

Your story:

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