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The Definition of Things

I have been worrying recently
about the definition of things.

Love, for example, and its absence
and it seems to me that the three phones

I have taken to keeping by my bed at night
are an indication of that,

that there really is no clear way
to be with or without what you love.

They are lined up
like the three of you, mouthpiece to cradle

poised for emergency, or take-off.
And why not,

even on silent mode I can hear their breathing.
I would have been the one to rise to a cough or a snuffle

even when the cots had been moved into quiet rooms of their own.
But there are few rewards to be got

from either too much or too little needing
and these days, with days and hours of distance between us,

I rarely sleep for longer than a few minutes at a time.
I guess what I am trying to say

is that even without lines
or definition, I would not miss your call.

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