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The Princess Wars

by Frances Sinclair

Let the Princess Wars Begin!
She says, the day she brings the baby home.
But as one learns to run and climb and twist and bend,
The other is perfecting her slow shuffle
From chair to bed to bathroom and back.
She serves at their Majesties’ Pleasure,
With time off for good behaviour.
Each night, the chores:
Two sets of clothes laid out,
Safety gates locked and checked,
Toddler toys cleared from Granny’s path
So the whole house can slumber in an exhausted heap.
Each day, the fun:
The Zimmer will double as a mini Climbing Frame
The battle for the Remote Control will resume,
And bread will be broken
While the dog circles,
Looking for crumbs.
Today, the two Princesses are sitting side by side at tea
One in her high chair, the other in her easy chair.
They gaze beneficently on the world and each other.
Then one of them throws her food on the floor,
Makes an indent of her face in her rice
And looks up, laughing, tiny grains all over her little nose.
The other says “Oh” and smiles.

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