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Carers UK’s second photography competition: the results are in!

We were thrilled to receive so many entries to our second photography competition, which was kindly supported by Specsavers.

This year the competition had two categories:

This is caring
From portraits to selfies, these entries captured the hidden joys, challenges and day-to-day reality of looking after someone.

Life outside of caring
Last year many carers told us that they used photography as a hobby and as a way to get a much needed break from caring. So we added the ‘Life outside of caring’ theme to capture all the ways photography can be used to help carers connect with the wider world and focus on their own creativity.

Judge’s report

Once again, we were delighted that photographer Bella West was able to judge our competition.

“It is always refreshing to be a judge on photography competition such as this, when I judge a professional photography competition, there are a lot of elements that have to be assessed -image quality, composition, light, etc - whereas when I look through all the images submitted in this competition, the overwhelming importance is very much on the storytelling in both of the categories.  At the end of the day, that is the message that has to be told - the day to day life of a carer, the quiet moments and the struggles. It’s really important to record these parts of life.

Photography has the power to invite and educate the world without the need for words, often the most simplistic of photographs can be the most powerful. I always suggest not to overcomplicate a portrait or photograph - just say it as it is!

The decision of shortlisting the winners was incredibly difficult and I went over and over them!

There are some photographs that are hugely creative and some just full of emotion - some with both those elements. The category ‘Life outside of caring’ was a particularly powerful and an important one - there are clearly some very talented hobbyist photographers out there - what a great way to spend your time - photographing wildlife, street scenes and landscapes.

Keep recording your lives, this is the most powerful way of telling your story and bringing awareness to the world about the highs and lows of caring for a loved one."

This is caring

Winning photos

1st prize – Hayley Gwilliams

This is Caring 1st

2nd prize – Stacey Donne

This is Caring 2nd

3rd prize – Sue Elson

This is Caring 3rd

Highly Commended Photos

  • Helen Barbour
  • Julie Bennett
  • Victoria Bennett
  • Mark Brightburn
  • Matthew Fawcett
  • Jean Humphreys
  • Faye Jones-Filler
  • Kelly Jones-Whale
  • Nicola Langford
  • Jane Lomas
  • Catherine Lucas
  • Kristina McKean
  • David Norton
  • Ibsy Patel
  • Tracey Powell
  • Sarah Tryon
  • Jane Wood

Life outside of caring

Winning photos

1st prize - George Atkinson

Life outside of caring 1st

2nd prize - Justina Gmiterek

Life outside of caring 2nd

3rd prize - Gary Bradley

Life outside of caring 3rd

Highly Commended photos

  • Muhammad Haider
  • Jane Lomas
  • Stacy Donne
  • Steven  Sandner
  • Justina  Gmiterek
  • Gill Kennett
  • George Atkinson
  • Gary Bradley
  • Jenni Watters

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