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Night Watch

By Alex Dixon

He sits drinking his tea
watching over her
as she sleeps, fitfully.
He can't sleep- too anxious.
She winces and turns
then suddenly sits.
He jumps up
to fetch the bucket- quickly.
She vomits violently.
He whisks away the bucket,
reaches for a tissue
and wipes her mouth gently.

"Sorry." She says.
"Don't be silly," replies he.
He tips the contents down the loo carefully.
She lies back down,
closes her eyes.
He gets back in bed
and finishes his tea, sipping slowly.

He switches on his mobile-
a weak light in the dark room-
and finds Google.
'Chemo side effects' he searches.
A cancer support board.
He clicks onto it gratefully.
Start new thread.
'Can't sleep, worried about my wife.' he types.
He waits patiently.

She sleeps peacefully.
Her head porcelain-white
on the crimson pillow.

A new comment appears.
'Mate, I know how you feel...' it begins.
He smiles softly.
It feels good to have some company.

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