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Vital signs monitoring

There are monitoring devices that can help you to keep track of someone's health more effectively. This benefits both you and the person you care for by helping manage a condition, cutting down doctor’s visits and avoiding hospital stays. It also helps you to monitor their health more continuously, which can stop health problems from getting worse or needing hospitalisation.

These solutions can include stand-alone devices, things the cared-for person wears or implantable devices. These can also be connected to control units (hubs) or apps that store health data.

There are devices to measure:

  • blood pressure (sphygmomanometers)
  • blood oxygen levels (pulse oximeters)
  • blood glucose
  • lung capacity or flexibility (spirometers)
  • heart rate
  • sleep patterns.

There are also implantable devices to measure heart function and blood glucose. As well as specialised home scales for keeping weight on target.

Who are they for?

People with ongoing health problems that would benefit from regular monitoring.

Where to get them?

You may be able to get some of these through your local authority or NHS, but they are also available to buy privately from:

  • Specialist health and care product providers (incl. online retailers/marketplaces)
  • Other online retailers/marketplaces
  • Independent product providers
  • Home or electrical stores
  • Pharmacies
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