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Hive Link

We’ve been working with Hive, one of the world’s leading smart home providers, to change the world of caring. Together, we’ve created Hive Link, a new smart service that helps families look out for their loved ones from wherever they are in the world.

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Over a million people already use Hive products and services everyday across the UK. You may know them best for their award winning smart thermostat, they design smart products and services that connect your home to make daily living easier and give you peace of mind wherever you are – all through their smartphone app.

Together, we’re delighted to be launching a new smart service that helps families look after their loved ones from wherever they are.

It’s called  Hive Link.

This short video brings Hive Link to life, and shows how it can make such a big difference to the lives of both you and your loved ones:

How Hive Link works

Hive smart devices fit easily and seamlessly into your loved one's home and work in the background to get to know their morning and evening routines, or if the front door has been left open longer than usual. If your loved one isn't following these usual routines, then we'll send a message to your smartphone to let you know. 

You can see what's happening in real-time in the activity log on your smartphone or tablet, so you get the reassurance you need if you can’t be there regardless of whether you’re at home, at work or out and about.

Together, we’re changing the conversation on caring and Hive Link means that the next time you do pick up the phone to speak to your loved one, it can be more about catching up and less about checking in.

For more information on how Hive Link works and how it can benefit both you and your loved ones, download our easy guide below.

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What Hive Link can do for you

Daily reassurance at a glance

When you can’t be there in person, the daily activity log shows what’s happening in real-time, like when your loved one opens the front door or boils the kettle for their morning cup of tea. 

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Stay in the know from anywhere

If your loved one is not following their usual routine in the morning or at night, or if the front door has been left open longer than normal, you'll get a notification sent straight to your smartphone wherever you are in the world.

Sharing the caring

If there are other family members, friends or neighbours looking out for your loved one, you can set up a Circle in the Hive app to share the care with family and friends so when you're busy or away they can receive notifications, check the activity log and help out if needed.

Getting started is easy

Hive work in partnership with British Gas, and with more than 8,000 expert engineers, nobody knows British homes like they do. One of their trained experts will set up Hive Link in your loved one’s home, fully personalising the service to ensure it fits in with their home and their routine.



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What Hive Link can do for your loved one

See it as a safety net

While your loved one is going about their day, Hive Link is there in the background to give you both a little extra reassurance when you can’t be together.

Love living at home

Hive Link helps your loved one to enjoy living at home, on their own terms. This means that when you do speak to them it can be more about catching up, and less about checking up.

No need to change a thing

Hive Link doesn’t involve cameras and there’s no need for your loved one to wear anything which gets in the way, or change anything at all about their usual routine. Hive Link just works away in the background, always ready when needed.

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Key things to know

What does my loved one need to do?

Nothing. The only thing we ask of them, is to give their signed consent for Hive Link to be set up in their home before installation takes place. The British Gas engineer can talk both you and your loved one through this consent during their visit.

Is Hive Link secure?

Hive are completely committed to safeguarding customer data, and they take this responsibility very seriously. There are robust measures in place to keep all data safe and further details can be found here

Who will install Hive Link?

Nobody knows British homes like British Gas and one of their trusted engineers will install Hive Link in your loved one's home. Their expert engineers are specially trained to install Hive Link, and many of their 8,000 engineers have also undertaken ‘Dementia Friendly’ training to help protect and support some of their most vulnerable customers.

You also don't need to be a current British Gas or Hive customer to use Hive Link.

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Carers UK and Hive

Hive is part of the Centrica family, one of our leading corporate partners, with whom we are working closely to raise awareness of the challenges facing carers in the UK and to support carers.

The launch of Hive Link is one of many initiatives we will be working closely together on, to ensure carers get the support they need. You can find out more about this partnership here.

A mutually supportive relationship

We have worked closely with Hive in the development of Hive Link, and we are very excited to have used our knowledge and experience of the challenges facing carers to help shape this initiative that will give carers reassurance and will enable those they support to stay at home independently for longer. As a thank you, Hive is donating 5% of the first 12 months service charge to us, for every customer who joins Hive Link via the Carers UK website.

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