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Tube feeding and your child

We have worked with Nutricia to produce a range of booklets to help you on your journey regarding the decision to tube feed your child.

If your child’s doctor has asked you to consider tube feeding for your child, you may be experiencing a mixture of emotions – perhaps anxiety, sadness, anger, even guilt. As a parent, of course you want what is best for your child. You want to see that your son or daughter is happy and healthy, but you may also worry that tube feeding in some way will take away the special bond created between you at meal times.

Nutricia has developed a range of guides to help you find out more about tube feeding, give you information on the more practical side of things and to suggest other sources of information and support:

  • Making the decision to start tube feeding
  • How do you feel about tube feeding
  • A practical guide to tube feeding

To download free copies of the guides, click the link below.


There is also a website dedicated to patients who are tube fed, their family and carers, and those in the process of making a decision whether to feed via a tube or not

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