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Electronic patient records

Looking after someone can take up a lot of time, so anything that makes life easier can make a difference. Getting signed up to your GP online services could help.

In England, every person can get access to online services – as this should be offered by every GP practice since March 2015.

The information in this section applies to people living in England.

What does the electronic patient record do?

There are different systems and some trials going on. Essentially you should be able to:

  • see test results
  • see your list of medication
  • see your allergies listed
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • book GP appointments online.

In time, the online patient record will build extra functions, like seeing a summary of consultations, and even allowing you to add notes.

The idea is that core information can be shared between different professionals so that if you end up in A&E, they know what medication you are taking, and other really important information.

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Can I see the electronic patient record for the person I care for?

This depends on whether you have clear permission from the person you care for if they are an adult, or if you have lasting power of attorney for health and welfare, or some other legal reason.

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How are carers currently using their electronic patient records?

In State of Caring 2016, we asked carers who used their online patient record. The response to our online survey showed that only 12% of those using any digital services regarding the NHS and care were signed up to their online patient record. Of the positive comments we received, they said this:

“It all helps, aids and speeds up caring services.”

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How do I get onto the electronic patient record?

Contact your GP practice to find out how to sign up.

Some will ask you to come in personally and bring photo ID.

They then give you a unique login code which is personal to you.

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Further information

The NHS has a useful webpage on your health and care records, and also a useful booklet called 'Patient Online - Frequently asked questions – Patients'

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