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Friendships forged on the forum

 The Carers UK forum is here so no-one has to care alone.

Friendship forumIt provides a place where you can go, day or night, to talk to people who understand what you are going through.

For some members, the forum has also helped them connect with people who live nearby, and who they can share a cup of tea and a laugh with through the ups and downs of caring. 

My story

One member tells her story of friendships forged on the forum.

Quote 1

It was just an off the cuff remark that started it all. One member posting on Roll Call said it would be great to be able to meet up with other forum members occasionally. Someone else took up the challenge and the 'Ladies Who Lunch Club' was born.

This was back in mid-2013. Since then we have met up every few months – mostly at the National Portrait Gallery restaurant in Central London, where we end up putting the world to rights over a lengthy lunch!

Currently there are five of us – in the beginning we were three ex-carers (all having lost the person we care for within the last year), and two people who were still in a caring role. Now we are four ex-carers and one carer supporting each other through the ups and downs of getting to grips with our new status.

Because we all come from different backgrounds and cared for relatives or friends with widely differing conditions, it’s unlikely that we would have met 'in real life', but the power of the ‘cyber’ world brought us together. Our group hail from London, Surrey, Kent and Essex and we can boast a university lecturer and a retired project manager in our number.

Other forum members have made 'coffee-time' friends where two or more have realised they live close enough to warrant regular meet ups to exchange tips and advice over a cappuccino or two. These informal pairings provide a useful social outlet as well as widening a support network.

In my case I’ve met some lovely people who I am proud to call my friends. Quote 2

  • The Carers UK forum is here so no-one has to care alone. To become part of our friendly community join Carers UK and be part of our movement for change.
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