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Benefits guidance - FAQs

On this page, we summarise some of the common questions carers are often asking us about benefits during this time. For more detailed information about specific changes to benefits, assessments and other support, see our A-Z of changes

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I’m due for an assessment for my welfare benefits. Will my benefits be affected?

Since the pandemic, there have been alternative ways of assessments being carried out other than face to face. You could speak to your local council team or trust to ask if they could make an alternative arrangement for you if you are uncomfortable with an assessment being carried out face to face. 

For further support, we would advise arranging a benefits check with one of our advisers by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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I was due to have my disability benefit reviewed – what happens now?

Reviews for benefits should now be proceeding and should not be delayed. If they are not possible face-to-dace, then alternative arrangements should be put in place so that you can still get the support you require, whether by telephone, post or video call. If you have any concerns about your benefits and their review periods, contact the Disability Service Centre for help and support:

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What was the government’s Coronavirus Act?

Last year (2020), the government introduced some emergency measures to the Care Act (2014) on a temporary basis and only to be applied when absolutely essential. They were designed to help local authorities if their workforce was significantly reduced or the demand on social care increased to the point where they were forced to alter or prioritise their services. 

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