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Im currently claiming JSA and looking my disabled mother who claims high rate DLA. Im finding it hard signing on and also looking after my mother. I rang CA and my claim has not yet been dealt with would I be entiled to IS if I ring them?

Hi Tia ... welcome to the canteen ... others will be along to extend their greetings.

Very quiet on here for the past fortnight.

Currently on ESA ... in old money , JSA ?

Which flavour ... there are four ?

Universal Credit already rolled out on your manor ?

Coming off ESA and onto Carers Allowance ... have you tried an online benefits calculator to see how the finances pan out ? ... rive-33051

That will give you an indication of whether any other benefits / allowances will be payable together with the income you will receive.

I will assume that you are already explored other benefit areas ... Housing Benefit ( If in a tenanted property ) and a potential discount off Council Tax ( 25% reduction for the carer element ) ?

Health ?

Assessments ... NEEDS ( Your mother , caree ) ... CARERS ( Potentially you ) ... in course with your LA or in the " To do " pile ?

Enough on the immediate front from me.

Yell if you need anything further on the above aspects.
I'd give them a ring and ask them.