Benefit queries

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Hello . I am 32 have just started caring for a parent, Just been put onto universal credit & receiving carers allowance . Have couple questions. Does carers allowance amount get Deducted from universal credit at end of the month . 2nd Do you have to pay Rent if on universal credit Benefit and carers allowance : . . ?
Univeral Credit is a combination of previous benefits :

Carers Allowance , fortunately , is not included in UC.

Any allowances for " Rent " ... I will assume Housing Benefit ... are included within the UC payments.

Again , I will assume you are a sole tenant , either in social housing or the private rented sector ... and not residing with your caree ?

Have you not had a written breakdown of how the UC has been compiled ?
Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. Would you like to tell us more about your caree?
Thanks for the Reply's . Am gonna wait for a breakdown of the u/c . No i havent received it yet . . . My caree is doing good aswell . . . Thank you . .
Your welcome.

If your caree is also claiming benefits NOW under UC , double check both breakdowns as some " Old money " benefits disappear under UC.

Reports from various manors now under UC of " What goes in doesn''t always come out the same " ... especially poignant if your caree is disabled and claiming a range of benefits ... some of which are now disallowed under UC and NOT replaced.