Which Care services I choose for my mom who has dementia

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This is Ingrid. My Mom is suffering from Dementia since six months.She often forgets Me and Other Family members, She sometimes left home without any hint.Due to professional commitments, I am not able to take care of her properly.She needs 24/7 assistance, with someone near here all the time, helping her with daily tasking.Often she gets depressed and Mood swings.I am a bit confused about in which care services should I put her.(Nursing Home or residential care home or assisted living facility ) or option for home care.Can you suggest which will be beneficial for my mom?
Hello Ingrid
Who diagnosed your Mom's dementia? Was it a hospital or her doctor,? They should have explained various things to you. Have you been allocated a social worker?
Others will be along shortly with practical advice regarding finances etc.
I know it's very difficult to watch a loved one with dementia so it's important to look after yourself.
Hi Ingrid, welcome to the forum. It will be easier to give you some ideas if we could have some more information.
How old is mum?
Does she own her house?
Does she have savings over £23,000? (Just yes/no).