Living at home and caring

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I live at home with my parents, i'm in my early 30s and mum has dementia and alzheimers but my dad is very controlling, argumentative, stressed me out and makes my ibs worse. What can I do? I know dad has money worries and we've been writing an app the last 3 years.

I am the main carer, I wash and change her where as dad does the app and cooking but he thinks I don't let him do anything. On the rare occasions I go out, he rearranges stuff and he has a violent past (broke a window then left us when I was young).

What can I do? Last week he shouted at me that the app was going in the bin.

He is very selfish and won't compromise.
Hello and welcome,

To begin with I would suggest trying the carers uk helpline on the main website to establish what support (if any) you are currently receiving and any ways additional help can be provided, no matter what anybody says or how you might feel, it is not in any way shape or form an admission of defeat to do so.

Stick around there are plenty of other folks here that have either gone through or are currently going through the exact same thing you are right now. Don't hold back from posting on the other/more active parts of the board either.

I know how difficult and isolated it can feel but you are not alone so please try to stay strong
(from one to another I have to keep reminding myself the same thing time to time)

Best of luck