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Hello I'm a 22 year old carer been caring for my grandmother - Carers UK Forum

Hello I'm a 22 year old carer been caring for my grandmother

A place for those 18-35 to chat about all things caring.
She has a lot of illnesses for example mental health depression asthma anxiety and diabetes. I got so worried I moved in with her thinking something might happen to her in the night and no ones there. Life's gone down hill honestly. Just wanted to ask how much money should I get if I'm on carers allowance and income support? Would really appreciate it if someone could help. This website has cheered me up knowing in not alone thanks guys.
Names makyle 22 years old
Do you want to do this, or did you feel pressurised into it? Has Nan had a Needs Assessment from the Council, claimed PIP or Attendance Allowance (depends on her age). Have you had a Carers Assessment?
Sorry, I didn't answer your initial question. Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, email them with your details, and nan's, and they will give you a good answer, usually within a week.
There's a lot to consider. There are so many people here who have tried to help, only to find they end up in a dreadful situation later. Please don't let that happen to you. Here are just some of the things to think about.
Does nan have over £23,000? Yes/No? This is the threshold where a Local Authority will/won't provide help with care.
Does she own her home? Do you have a home somewhere else? If she rents, you may be made homeless if it's a rented property. If it's her own place, are you a beneficiary of the will? Assuming she has made one? Does anyone have Power of Atttorney?
Do you have any brothers, sisters, aunts of uncles? Do they help, or leave you to it?!
Hi and welcome. How come your mum/dad isn't looking after your grandmother? How did you end up doing so?

At 22, your life is beginning? Have you been to college? Been working at all?

How much time to you spend with, and on, your gran?

Of all her conditions, the MH one is probably the most difficult for you to cope with. MH patients are VERY hard to bear! However much one loves them. They are usually extremely needy and, in a way, 'emotional vampyres'. (They don't mean to be, they just are, as they are so down all the time)

How old is your gran, and if you did move in with her to look after her (NOT to be recommended, except in very special circumstances, such as, she doesn't have much longer to live), how many years of your life would you spend with her, as she gets older and frailer? Would you be able to have a social life, a boyfriend/girlfiiend, get married, get a job, get educate, get a career going?

These are all really, really important to think about - not just what is happening now.

I would NOT want any child of mine having ANYTHING to do with the care of their grandparent. My 93 y/o MIL is in a care home with deep dementia now, and my 24 y.o son will visit, and be fond of her, and so on, but I would shoot her before he had to give up his own life to look after her!!!!!!! I should hope your own parents think the same!!!!

BUT, that said, there can be circumstances in which, for, say, a couple of years, you put your own life on hold, and look after your gran until the end comes (or she needs to go into a nursing home, say). Did she bring you up as a child? That can change things too.

Wishing you all the best, but please take great care before making decisions with your heart, and not your head. What do your mum/dad think about what you are planning?