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Emotionally abused

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Sakura wrote:
Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:52 pm
I have spoken to the doctor and social services, neither of which bother to even acknowledge my existence so I have stopped bothering since they won't do anything.

I used to get some respite from going shopping but now he has stopped that saying I waste money and can't be trusted.

I am not looking for advice. I am just letting off steam.
Social Services in particular and Doctors to some extent, rely on people such as yourself to not make a fuss: it lowers their workload and responsibility considerably, the only people who get help consistently are the ones who won't give up.

Let him do the shopping then - if he can't or won't do it, try missing out a couple of meals, (have something tucked away as a back-up when he complains that he's got no dinner).

It's perfectly OK to let off steam, but in your situation it's only ever going to be a temporary respite, you need more, ask for it, ask us here and ask Social Services, (see para.1).
I absolutely agree with Ajay and Bowlingbun! You have to be firm and make yourself heard. Been through that. Thinking I must be a nuisance. Not for long but I did.
My youngest daughter has a very good friend who has worked her way up the career ladder in NHS. She explained to us. Shout, loud but not rudely, because it's the only way you will be heard and get what is rightly needed for your loved one and yourselves.Proved to be true.