Both physical and mental disability any one deal with both

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I don't have a life I work 12 hour a week care for my auntie and mam not well im still live at home so cook clean no life any one else feel like this
I have auntie got the mental age of 6 year old and cerable palsy any one else deal with both as I struggle find groups activity and help if someone got both physical and mentel difficulties
This is a matter for Social Services to sort out. Aunt should also have an advocate as she can't speak for herself. When your aunt was born her parents would have been told she should go to a long stay hospital/home, or her parents could look after her themselves, but with no support. Things are very different now, my 38 year old son with a mental age of 3 has day services every day, doing all sorts of things, and carers Saturday and Sunday to take him out etc.
If you want a life for yourself then it's up to you to work with Social Services and find a solution. Otherwise, it's a life sentence.
Who is looking after her? Please tell us it isn't you!!!!!!