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Looking for young carers to talk about their issues on TV - Carers UK Forum

Looking for young carers to talk about their issues on TV

A place for those 18-35 to chat about all things caring.
Good afternoon carers!

My name is Vai and I work for a TV production company called Rogan Productions.We have created a documentary about caring for the very old - people in their 100's.
The film will be broadcasted as a Panorama on the 23rd of October 2017, 20:30.
We have a lot of press interested in the caring issues.

Victoria Derbyshire show are looking for young people to come on the show and speak about the issues young carers face.

These could be (but are not limited to:)
* Grandchildren/children who feel they don't get enough attention because of the care needed for the older generation
* Having to pay the growing national pension bill for the increasing number of pensioners (today's tax payers pay for today's pensioners).
* Competing for NHS care as the costs for the elderly escalate and take up more NHS resource (operations on broken femurs through falls are featured in the programme).

If you think you would have a lot to say on the subject and would be open to appearing on the show please do get in touch.

P.S. Moderators, do let me know if this is not appropriate and I do apologize if it is not. I do however believe this would be a great way for this issue to reach wider audiences and would be beneficial for carers anywhere. I did try calling before posting but your lines were closed.

Thank you all!
Hi Val .... interesting ... particularly as Panorama is involved ... some individual carers have be trying since 2004 / 2005 to involve said program to take a long hard look at the many issues facing all carers in the UK.

As for partitioning carers' problems into segments , that tends to highlight individual cases as opposed to the general issues experienced by most .... as you are probably aware , over 6 million " Family " carers in the UK , caring under conditions that no other sector would accept ... in essence , the right to care until one is no longer able to , and precious little else.

Caring for the old ? Focus on care homes ( And extending to LA funding issues ) or family carers ? If family , extended to cover the problems faced when the caring ceases ?

I won't comment on young carers ... suffice to say that topic has always been controversial with carers. Any internet search will produce many results. I will assume both kinship and family carers ... the distiction is very blurred.

Do your homework ... avoid any with interests to protect and ... good luck with your endeavours.

Perhaps bouncing off this Forum for a post match analysis from family carers ?
If you are specifically looking for young carers, including 'young adult' carers, you will find a few in the files here - do please browse through the New to Forum section, as that is where most of such posts are. I can think off hand of a good three of four members (not posting currently) who are both young adults caring for family members and some of them have also been carers since their teens (or younger).

Many of the parents seem to have mental health issues, and that does seem to be THE main problem for young carers - they have lacked good parenting themselves (because of their MH parent being incapable of giving good parental care in most cases!) PLUS they've then had to 'parent' their own 'helpless and mostly useless' (!) parents, often for the parent's entire lifetime. They are, as you can also gather, very often single parents - ie, no dad around (it's mostly mums they are caring for).

There is also, currently (as in, very recently posted in the last few weeks) a heartbreakingly sad tale of a young lad, only 19, who has to care for his equally young fiancée, now having their child, with severe MH problems herself, who is struggling to get help and support from the MH services etc. Do please check him out - he deserves better than he's currently getting.

Further back there's a young woman looking after 'demanding' grandparents, who has had to learn to 'manage expectations' and insist they accept 'outsiders' to help (SO often a problem with the very elderly - they do not want anyone 'butting in' and only want their children/grandchildren to do everything for them......). She's quite a success story, as she HAS managed to modify her g.parents expectations, and get them to accept outside help, so she can get back to her own life/career a good deal more than was possible.

These are only two instances - as I say, such young carers (Oh, I can think of another one - see below!) have often been caring for years and years, and see no end in sight until the parent/grandparent finally dies (and the first rule of elder-caring is that they do NOT die when it would be convenient for you!!!!!!!)

OK, the one I mentioned in the para just now is another young lad in THE most appalling situation. His mother has cancer, and is utterly controlled by what can only be assumed to be some kind of 'head-case' father, who physically abuses the young grandson left to look after her (his own father left the marriage long ago, and plays little part in protecting his own son). The g/father presents himself as a 'frail old man' and gets the BOY into trouble with the police after HE has beaten him. The poor lad is stuck with loyalty to his mother, who is herself controlled and bullied, basically waiting for her to die, so he can finally escape the nightmare g.father. The g.father is unlikely to do the world a favour and die first (preferably in painful circumstances!)

Obviously, all the cases I've mentioned here are only taken from what members have posted, and everything would need to be verified and confirmed - in the end, I'm only stating 'hearsay' I realise. Everyone on the forum is strongly advised to be anonymous, as most of the sections are not private to members only.

Wishing you all the best with your programme - it's a desperately difficult topic. Caring for a physically and mentally frail (eg, with dementia) elderly person is INCREDIBLY hard and time consuming (life consuming!) and can go on for years and years and years, devastating the member of the family doing the caring, whatever their age....
Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply.
We have ourselves conducted various research while making our documentary, which we would like to invite you to watch on Monday 23rd at 20:30 on BBC1.
We have not however spoken to YOUNGER carers as our film was focused on 100 year olds.

The press however are twisting the issue a little bit and wanting to interview a younger (20-45) carer and I am trying to help them find a person who is educated in these issues and has personal experience.
I think those questions I posted are more to give an idea of what Victoria Derbyshire show would like to talk about, rather than aim to answer it precisely.

I would be very glad to pass on your details if you would be willing to appear on the Victoria Derbyshire show or no anyone who would.

Thank you!

Hi Jenny,

These are amazing stories, and I am sure these people could write books!

What I am looking for is someone willing to go on a TV programme and tell their tale there. I know some people would rather stay anonymous on a forum and that's very understandable with such personal issues.

So if anyone knows anyone who would be brave enough I would love to pass on their contacts so the team at Victoria Derbyshire could discuss it further and interview them.
I'm confused - is it the age of the caree or the carer that you are focussing on? Anyone in their hundreds is unlikely to be looked after by a young adult, unless the YA is their great-grandchild!!!!!

YAs are mostly looking after their middle-aged parents (as I say, mostly with MH issues, or, at least, those are the ones that seem to cause th most stress, rather than mere physical ailments - addiction is of course another key problem, especially alcoholism.)

I do think that there is 'so much' in the topic of caring that it's essential to focus.

Why the interest in centenarians? I can't think they'd have any problems specific to them that are not shared by anyone in the 'very old' category (ie, post 85).

It would be interesting to see if centenarians actually ever develop dementia at all, or if being 'super-agers' their genetic make up, as well as presumably the health lifestyle that has enabled to reach their century, also protects against brain decay.

I also think the issue of 'late-onset' dementia is a good focus as well - for example, my MIL was absolutely totally independent until she was 89 - then 'suddenly' got dementia, and now, at 93, is in a care home, doubly incontinent, non-verbal, non-mobile, and only just, maybe, able to recognise me.... I never thought, her having reached nearly 90 being completely 'fine' that it would hit her. I'd call that late-onset dementia.
Val, if you look them up on the forum and contact them via the forum's Personal Messaging facility, you might well find them willing to partake in the programme.

If they are not currently posting for whatever reasons, then they won't see your post calling for them! It will be up to you to contact them.

Don't feel bad about doing so - we are sometimes contacted by the team on Carers UK to see if we want to participate in their own publicity/coverage/website etc etc.
Thanks Val ... watching anything on the BBC would be rather awkward ... no tv nor funds available to purchase a " Compulsory " tv licence.

As for me " Fronting " carers ... not a good choice , my view of caring from almost the bottom of the pile in both economic and social terms would not make good viewing for " Joe public " ... but perhaps resonate with the 1 in 4 near to / at / below the Official Poverty Line ... those with virtually no support / voice / representation in this world.

A society within a society ?

A program that pulls no punches and is based on real , accurate , information is worth it's weight in gold ... anything else and ... ?

The acid test ? Mention in the House the following morning !

..... and very few have achieved that distinction over the past seven decades.
Sorry if it was confusing:
We - Rogan Productions - have made a show about centenarians where carers and care for elderly is heavily featured. Our programme is now finalized and we ourselves are not looking for any additional interviews.

However as the show is about to come out, we got a lot of PRESS interested in it.

One of the interested parties are Victoria D show. They would like to speak to a younger carer, who is not likely to be caring for 100 year old - you're right. They are interested in the care issues and the points I mentioned below and not the lives of 100 year olds.

And that is a good advice, thank you. I will try to email a few younger carers through the forum!
First show ... cart and horses ... already finalised and only now we are approached ?

The Press ?

Good luck , individual carers have been trying them for years ... Guardian , Social Care Network , included ... better luck with them than us ?

Tabloids ? Our experience would not go down well with them ... too far-fetched to be believed ... and that's saying something !