Any other young carers out there?

A place for those 18-35 to chat about all things caring.
Hi Ashley,

Welcome to the forum! You certainly aren't the only one. I'm 30 and care for my partner who has an autoimmune disease too.

I have Bipolar so get depressive episodes too. My caring can be a trigger.

Do you get any help with caring or childcare?
Hi, i'm Ashley 32 & i care for my younger brother who is 25 this year.
He had meningitis at 10 days old & was left with right hemiplegic cerebal palsey & epilepsy, so been caring for him since young age.
At present he is quite able bodied & does go to work at 2 farms during the week for adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, so i am able to work.
We are meant to get respite help, but unfortunately doesn't seem like any out there at present in the local area.

I've just recently joined. I am currently caring for my father and have been since the age of 18, I am now 24. :)

My father is a type 1 diabetic, and his illness has become more complicated as the years go on.

Both me and my mum share the caring duty, she works full-time and i'm a full-time student so it can be hard sometimes.

It's nice to see other young carers on here as well! :)

- Sophia
Hi Sophia and Ashley - welcome to the forum!

I sometimes feel I'm the only one out there so good to see some younger carers here. Not that everyone isn't lovely on here anyway! :)

How long have you been caring for your brother Ashley? Sounds tough not getting the respite you need?

What do you study Sophia? I hope you have an understanding institution! I studied part time for an MA while caring and that was hard enough part time (took me 4 years instead of 2 because of my husband's health and my own).
Hi Ashley,
i'm much older than you at 45 however my wife has severe epilepsy and we have a care package provided by our local social services. I'm sorry to hear of your brother, you are doing amazing by providing him with support he needs. Anyway please feel free to ask me anything about support (if your in the uk) as it's enabled me to continue working. our care package has worked really well for over 12 years.
all the best
Hi Jess!

So good to know that you guys are out there as well, it's great to have such a big network of carers as well! :) I felt like I was the only younger carer around people that I know! I think that's why my friends never used to understand it - I wasn't going out drinking or socialising as such, I was at home looking after my dad.

I study Psychology! So I am close to finishing my second year of it :) In September (and depending on my exam results) I will be going into my final year :O

Well to be fair - we have a mitigating circumstances policy regarding coursework and even exams but (luckily) so far i've never had to use any! My university work is normally completed at home and on campus but I always commute back home in time. My dad will only be left alone usually for a few hours and we also have relatives who will pop in and visit him. :)

Sometimes he can manage as best he can whilst i'm not home thanks to the home adaptations. However, last week I had to miss lectures for two days due to him getting a kidney infection. He fell out of bed as well which made me feel so useless, as I wasn't strong enough to lift him and I was home alone with him. Luckily, my uncle came and helped him whilst he was on his way to another job! It was awful last week - the first night the infection developed he could barely move! I was doing his diabetic blood sugar readings for him and helping him take his medication! He was so weak :(

Oh! what's your MA in? :) I actually have a question - do you or anyone else here suffer from dull lower back pain? As my dad has been in a wheelchair for some time, the lifting of it in and out of the car and his scooter over time has made my back ache - most days I get a bubble bath and the days it's really aching I use heat pads and wear them to uni or to my weekend job.
I ended up caring for my aunt full time when my grandmother died I was only 15 I had little help them but from age of 19 till now 25 all me it hard and some days I struggle so much I cry but who else do it if I don't but I have full time job now so don't no what I going to do I need to win the lottery
Hi i am a young carer also .im 32 hqve been caring for my grandparents for the last 5 years. Very demanding as they are both ill now.granny confined to bed and granda suffering strokes
Hi.. I'm also a young carers just joined today.. I'm 27 I care for my mum.. have been caring for about 4 years now.. left so much behind to help my mum get back in her feet...ive read so many post and just want to say that everyone sounds so lovely here.. I'm really glad I joined.. thank you all
Hi sindra bless ya such a young age to start caring as thats the age i started 27 im now 32. Hope you get some help as it can be very demanding at times