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Caring Apps? - Carers UK Forum

Caring Apps?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi guys,

FIrst time posing on here so I apologise if I am posting about a topic already discussed...

I am helping my mum with care for my Grandad who turned 99 2 weeks ago and loves alone. Mum has to organise care between her, her 2 sisters and also relies on neighbours when other family members simply cannot help out.

I am trying to help with the organisation and ways I can assist. I work in IT and am looking to see if there are any care management/shared responsibility apps in either the apply app store or google play store (or elsewhere!) that anyone can reccomend using? Or maybe people have good/bad experiences with different apps?

I'd love to hear from you if you do use an app for any part of your caring responsibilities.

Thanks - Jack
Hi Jack, welcome to the forum.

How is Grandad mentally? What sort of help is being provided?

It is time to arrange outside help. Ask Social Services to do a Needs Assesssment for granddad, and a Carers Assessment for mum. Is Grandad claiming Attendance Allowance? Does mum have Power of Atttorney?

Do the family now feel that granddad would be better in residential care?
Hi Jack

a few years ago Carers UK launched 'Jointly'
you can check it out here
Thanks guys :)

Grandad is fine mentally, the odd lapse but no dementia.

We'd never dream of him being in a care home, he's lived on the same road his whole life and while we can still care for him at home we will.

He has care professionals in twice a day (morning to get him out of bed and washed & evening the same). My mum and aunts take turns in staying with him a whole week at a time, there are three of them in total.

Being more tech savvy than mum, i'd love to help her any way I can by using technology - hence the app question. I check out jointly :)