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Working hours

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How many hours a week can I work before it affects my carer's allowance? Between jobs at the moment and been told won't qualify for JA if I don't look for at least 16 hrs/week. Image

Thought, that after 6 years of full time work, on relatively good pay, I'd qualify for income based JA, but apparently not so. Anybody got any good ideas out there?

Much appreciated,

I'm not an expert on JSA, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if you've been working and paying the correct class of NI stamps shouldn't you be claiming contributions-based JSA and not means-tested JSA?
I really don't know. I am confused .com Image

When asked how many hours I'd be able to work I got told I would have to do at least 16 to qualify for anything at all. No question asked about any previous contribution, which have been paid by ex-employers. Image Image
Did you apply via the call centre? They make a lot of mistakes and it's not that unusual for potential claimants to be told that they are not eligible for benefits for which they are. I'd recommend that you ring the Carers Line or that you find a Welfare Rights Adviser, try the CAB or a similar organisation or if the person you care for is a social services client many social service department have Welfare Rights Units, an adviser will also check that you're both claiming all the benefits that you're entitled to.
Thanks for that. Applied online and they rang me up. That porbable explains it, I'll go down to local Job Centre, I think. Person I care for is my daughter, so not socail Services. She has Mental Health Issues.
I'll keep you posted.