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I'd like to pass on what I've found to be effective when having a disagreement/argument. It's easy to get heated, then frustrated when you're no longer listened to. I've learnt to do 3 things that are both caring and effective:-

1. Speak slightly more s-l-o-w-l-y than usual. This tip alone can often be enough; it gets through the emotional "fluster" plus helps calm you down!

2. Keep the tone of the voice low (i.e. not raised). Speaking emotionally can "switch off" the listener.

3. Acknowledge what's been said, e.g. "I understand what you say, but..." This shows respect for a differing viewpoint.

Hope this helps!
Hi Amy
I like your ideas and they are techniques I use at school if the pupils are getting themselves upset and I know that rather than shouting at them and inflaming the situation being calm or using a bit of humour can often difuse any confrontation, however that said thanks for reminding me and I will have to try and remember to use these ideas at home instead of getting angry and bottling things up.

Thanks Amy
Love Kaydee xx
Hello Amy

Welcome to the forum....sorry its late!

Thanks for sharing your calming techniques with us. I have learn't over the years how best to communicate with Mum in order to get a response, but your points also reminded me that they don't have to stop at Mum!

Thanks again

Take care
Maryann x