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Working carers worse of due to wage rise - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Working carers worse of due to wage rise

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Dear normangardner: I have just looked at the link that you sent me and i was very impressed, it has just shown me what a long way i have to go to get to your standard of campaigning . All my work has involved writing and emailing MPs and MEPs and the relovent council Depts, nothing as impresive as you . I am also in the process of contacting several celebrities who may be able to support my work and also write a piece for my website, i must try? You have made me rethink my whole campaigning ideas , but the thought of a carers party is a wonderful idea , it might well buck up some politicians ideas of carers and the contribution that we make to society . Also i wonder what your experience of the media is as i have been asked to possibly contribute to a programme that is being made , i have written several pieces for local and once for the national press , how do they treat you? The council that i come under, Lambeth, has just been voted the worst council in london, they have just awarded themselves a huge pay increase but have cut services for homecare by 1.5 million pounds and increased the charges for the people who have to pay by 130%, that means an hourly rate has been increased from seven pound fifty five to something in the region of nearly eighteen pounds, who on earth can afford that sort of increase, noone thats who, it is just so cruel:Sorry for babbling on but some of these things really upset me.
Keep up the good work, bye for now.

We have a feature on the campaign in Lambeth on the website here -
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... 1172680102

There are also other profiles of campaigning carers who have joined Carers UK's Equal Partners.
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... sinaction/

Dear Matt: Thankyou for the imformation about the campaign in lambeth, i did take part in the process by writing and emailing people and MPs and sending out imformation, but at the moment all my campaigning has to be done through my computer or the local press and my website . I am bye no means a proffessional at all this but just do what i can at the moment, i have only been using a computer for a couple of months and am self taught, my website is not perfect but i have had a lot of good response from it, it is an ongoing project and it will improve with time . I am a little worried that some people think that my website is a joke, but 99% of people who have seen it think it is quite good for someone who never touched a computer a few months back. Before i got a computer i must have written hundreds of letters to MPs,MEPs,Councellors and organisations and recieved many many replies, but i am starting to think that some people think that only proffessional people can do this work. Like most people who do this sort of work, my experience comes from twenty odd years of caring for someone , nobody can take that away from me, and i shall continue to fight for the cause of the elderly, the frail, carers, and carers rights, nobody will put me off my quest to see things change.
Thanks TONY.