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Working carers worse of due to wage rise - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Working carers worse of due to wage rise

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Sorry for being the bearer of this. you're not alone in the way you feel. Carers uk has just surveyed carers about impact of caring on finances and many told us of barriers they face getting back or staying in work and earnings limit is one such barrier. We'll be publishing the results later this year and it will be the kind of thing the government could address in its recently announced national carers strategy by gordon brown and ivan lewis
Recent government announcements appear to suggest that single parent Carers with children aged over eleven years are to face withdrawal of benefits if they fail to find work. I hope someone at CUK has their eye on this. Because those carers, will be placed in an impossible position. Doubly unjust because many of them have been deserted by their partner / spouse owing to the pressures of being a Carer. I don't think this is special pleading, it is just another exmple of the failure of joined up thinking, and the complexity of the benefit system. Surely it is time to consider the practicalities of implementing a social wage for all 'home Carers', also 'home makers' with children. And taking steps to rationalise and simplify an unworkable benefit system which is unjust, and as bad if not worse than the Tudor Poor Laws. Image
Spotted this on they work for you.com

Lord Morris of Handsworth (Labour)

My Lords, having listened to the Statement from my noble friend, I am bound to wonder whether we are yet again wielding a sledgehammer to crack the proverbial nut. Everyone in your Lordships' House fully supports all practical and constructive measures to get not just lone parents but everyone who is eligible, old enough and fit enough, to work and contribute to our economy. As I understand the statistics, the aim is to secure 80 per cent employment in a number of target groups who are currently on welfare. My information is that 70 per cent of lone parents with children over 11 are already in the labour market. I understand that one-quarter of the remainder with children over 11 who are on income support are actually caring for a disabled child or relatives with a disability. The remaining 15 per cent are precluded from work because they are themselves disabled, although they have children over the age of 11.

After we had listened to the report trailed over the weekend and published today, there was an expectation in this House that we would have had some real constructive proposals so that the issues could be addressed. Speaking for myself, I am better informedâ€â€
Just heard opn the radio that the minimum wage is set to rise to a princely £5.52 per hour in October. Hope CUK are acting on this to see that low paid working carers do not lose caring allowance as a result. Worth mentioning to your MP before they all swan off to Bermuda on holiday. Image
best wishes normangardner
If anyone is thinking of becoming self employed, in the hope of avoiding the minimum wage / carers allowance trap, please think carefully and read the folowing link from they work for you.com
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/whall/?id ... ers#g425.0

Mr Roger Gale (Cons) North Thanet, said ..

Just before I came into this Chamber, my constituent rang me because she knew that I would be here, raising the issue not only on her behalf, but on behalf of some of the most disadvantaged people in the country,who find that the tax regime is not compatible with the benefits regime and that therefore they are disadvantaged. My constituent rang to tell me that she had just seen figures provided to her by Macmillan Cancer Support on the basis of an Opinion Leader Research programme, showing that one in 17 people suffering from cancer lose their home, that 11 per cent. of those are self-employed, like my constituentâ€â€
Hi Normangardener, My name is tony rhodes and i have been campaigning for a real increase in the carers allowance for years, myself being a ex-carer knows only too well the hardship that this measly allowance can force on one. I have been told many times by certain MPs that carers are a valid part of society, but there is only a small amount of money to go around.I say what utter rubbish? There is plenty of money in this country but it goes to the wrong people.It is time that carers told the government what they want and deserve, we do have the vote, and we should make it count. Many carers that i know cannot work parttime to top up their CA, so they suffer, there should be a minimum amount that carers get paid, people who foster children from the local council get anything up to four hundred pounds per week, is the job we do any less beneficial to society.

tony rhodes
Hi Tony, this topic was covered on the old forum, but unfortunately the archive is still locked. A Report featured today on BBC Radio 4's World at One, showed that tax fraud in this country is monumental. The great bulk of the proceeds going to millionares. Worldwide; if tax fraud were abolished and the proceeds redistributed, it would abolish world poverty, and eliminate national debts for poor nations. Plenty of wealth is being extracted from producers, but the profits are being expropriated by a comparative few. Hence the astronomical price of housing, works of art etc.. Which the rich use to soak up their cash surpluses.
I stood for election to Lancaster City Council as an Independent Carer Candidate in December at a bye-election and obtained ten percent of the vote. If we had a Proportional Representational voting system, Carers could expect to have ten percent of MP's in the House of Commons who could advance the interests of Carers without being tied to a party manifesto which gives Carers a low priority. Carers must unite and use their voting strength through a Carers Party, if they are to make significant progress.
best wishes normangardner
HI normangardner: Your idea of a carers party sounds a very good idea and i would like to know more about your ideas. I am suffering at the moment because i was a fulltime carer,i have several medical problems and am fighting my local housing benefit dept.The moment my mother died people seemed to think that all my problems were over, they are now just begining, society does not value the people who actually work in some of the hardest situations.I am very interested to hear from anyone who has ideas and thoughts on the carers plight and anything to do with elderly care/and especially elder abuse as i have my own small website that i use to campaign from. If anyone wants to take a look at my website it is at
www.tonyrhodes.co.nr : Any thoughts and suggestions on my site and you can find my email address on my website .I have contact with quite a few MPs and am in contact with them most weeks on many subjects, but i am really interested in any ideas that will highlight any of my above concerns. The carers party is a very good idea?

Bye for now. Tony.
Hi Tony, CUK did an item on me recently, here is the link
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1165410477
I will e-mail you the relevant PDF. If you are interested in helping form an ICP, please e-mail me.
Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot stand in the coming May elections owing to being on holiday when my Nomination papers have to be submitted. It cost me under £100 to fight the last election, printing my own literature, the main cost was ink. If one wants to fight a County Council or General election it is worthwhile Registering a Political party, because the slogan can appear on the Ballot paper, eg 'Justice for Carers Party', minimising the need to spend on literature and distribution costs. Policies will be framed along the lines advocated by CUK, PRT and other interested groups. If the vote goes as expected Deposits for Parliamentary elections will not be lost, and valuable publicity gained.
In Lancaster we would expect to poll about the same as the Lib Dems, pushing them into third place, on a first past the post system. Marginal seats would be the preferred targets, assuming the holders are hostile to Carers.
Holding the balance of power in a hung Parliament is the dream of all minority parties .
The principles I have outlined suggest that Candidates for election may hold any political perspective the wish. Their only commitment is to further the interests of Carers. The Party would not oppose sitting members who are sympathetic to Carer issues. Eg those who have signed Early Day Motions, or proposed and spoken for Carers on Carer Issues. One would hope to find the core of workers and supporters among those who already support their local Carer groups CUK, PRT, Altzheimers, Parkinsons, FASD, etc.. Most people supporting these groups have a low income owing to their caring commitments, but not all. It only takes two people to Register a Party, and a nucleus of ten active people in each Ward, is adequate.
It has been shown locally that the leading Labour group on the Council changed its attitude to removing funding from an old people's club, shortly after I fought the bye-election. And I was urging Committee members of the club to fight at the coming May election if they lost their funding. It may have been a co-incidence. But a relatively few votes in a particular direction can make a big difference at local elections.
best wishes normangardner