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Isolation - Carers UK Forum


Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi anyone else feeling alone just in this bubble no life outside of the carer roll
Totally. For the few months I spent trying to look after my MIL-with-dementia-developing I felt TOTALLY 'abandoned! There was just NO ONE ELSE to help out. It was all just on ME.

For me, I used to snatch 'coffee in town' with another friend whose father-with-dementia was living with her, just to offload on someone who 'got it'.

The trouble with caring is that, by defninition, so many of us are 'locked behind front doors'.....
This forum was a lifeline for me when I was deep in depths of caring. Now the demands on me have eased a bit but I still like to know there are people out there who understand.

There are various threads on here just about interests and general chitchat that make me feel human and connected. The caring threads are full of useful information.

Which Anna do you think you'll visit first?
Hi Anna,
I thankfully work and though it is bit of a "bus man's holiday," and a real juggle, it keeps me sane. When S has a college holiday and I'm doing 24/7 caring I find it very tough. Since caring my social life has definitely declined.

I find the forum a life saver.

I feel the same. My husband is83 and blind and has other ailments as well. I am 80and sometimes feel really stressed out looking after him all the time
Do you have any help from 'outside' - ie, care-workers coming in, etc?

Please don't tell us 'oh, my hubsand doesn't want strangers looking after him!'. Sadly for him, he has no right to expect you to do it all.

Are you getting any help via charities such as RNIB, Action for Blind, etc etc? I do hope so.

Sometimes, just easing the total 'care load' not by a huge amount, but enough to matter, can really 'lift the lid' of the Care-Box that we are 'crushed' into.

What do you get to do every day that YOU enjoy??

What was your husband like to you before he became infirm (and had his sight??)? Was he concerned over your happiness, or do you feel he always somewhat 'took you for granted'? It can make a big difference in what you are prepared to do for him now!!!
I totally relate to this post..... its like being a prisoner at times! With parole not an option :(