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Advice on Carer's Allowance Employment Rules - Carers UK Forum

Advice on Carer's Allowance Employment Rules

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I have seen a seasonal job (9 months) for 24 hrs p.w at £7.12 per hour which I'd like to apply for, but as this exceeds the weekly income limit of £95 does anyone know whether the DWP apply their limit on an annual basis? I would love to have a part time job but find it very difficult to see any jobs which fall within the DWP restrictions. Employers obviously require people who are able to cover for sickness/holidays which tends to take you over the weekly limit they allow both in terms of hours and income! I was just wondering whether a seasonal job's income is calculated over a 12 month period or would it be strictly viewed on a weekly income/hours basis? Also, is the weekly working limit 20 hours per week? I'd be very grateful for any information/experience or advice other members may have in this respect. I gave up my full time career 13 years ago to care for my Mum who has multiple health problems. Both my elderly parents live with us, but I'd dearly love to be able to do some form of work (for various reasons) but obviously without incurring any penalties or going against the DWP guidelines! All advice will be gratefully received...
Sorry, tillnwill, but seasonal jobs are treated in exactly the same way as other work: your income is assessed over the period the work lasts for. If you have a temp job lasting four weeks, then for those four weeks you are not eligible for Carers Allowance if the pay is over £95 net a week.
Many thanks Charles47 for your advice which is gratefully received. It seems virtually impossible for Carers to find any sort of part time job which falls within the restrictive government criteria. I suspect there must be very few Carers who have been able to find a suitable role which must be as rare as hens teeth! Anyway, thank you once again for answering my question. Back to the drawing board...
Can I suggest you call our Carers line next week and talk it over with an advisor. Charles is right about the 4 week thing but depending on what your costs are there might be other ways you can earn over the 95 limit. For exmaple there are costs that can be offset against earnings such as care replacement. Whilst that wouldn;t help with teh seasonal work it might widen the pool of jobs you can apply for.

Worth a phone call to discuss in more detail. 0808 808 7777 weds and thurs. Carers UK continues to campaign to get this ridiculously low earnings rule changed to bring it into the 21st century.
Thank you Matt Carers UK for your very helpful reply. I will indeed ring for further advice next week as it seems a ridiculously impossible situation given the boundaries being imposed on Carers in this day and age. Obviously the powers that be responsible for imposing these Dickension rules have never been in this unfortunate situation or tried to find such a rare job that meets their requirements! Anyway, I'm liable to get on my orange box if I don't end this email now... In the meantime, many thanks once again for your kind advice which is greatly appreciated.
Please correct me if i am wrong but im pretty sure the income limit has gone up to just over the £100.
I've found you can claim £45 a week (the AA rate) against running a car, which you may need in the course of your work or to get to work. This covers depreciation of a capital asset, loan costs, tax, servicing etc. - try to figure your real costs, they may be more. Petrol to get to work is extra. If you have any paperwork to do at home, claim for a home office heating and light, phone line rental, heating and office equipment. There is no reason why you shouldn't claim for clothes if you need to look smart...
Basically, claim for everything you can think of, they can only say no.