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In Case of Emergency Campaign - Carers UK Forum

In Case of Emergency Campaign

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
My monthly carersuk local group news letter had a good idea in it from the Ambulance Service today. Googled the ICE Campaign have a read of the link below.

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

http://www.walsall.gov.uk/index/ice_cam ... gency_.htm

i actually do that i have matt nd my mum listed as ice before their names, just in case
That's a brilliant idea, and so simple, but all the best ones are!

I carry a Carer's Emergency card on me at all times, with 2 numbers and names in case of emergency, but having it on your phone is even better!
Don't have anyone else in the case of an emergency so no point in carrying a card. we couldn't get an alarm system for jr either because you have to have someone else in our area act as a keyholder for you and we don't know anyone.


I just inquired about an emergency alarm myself and was told I should give the names of 3 keyholders. I asked my husband and he does not feel comfortable giving the names of any of our neighbors. My neighbors are lovely people and all of them have voluntarily told me not to hesitate to ask them for help anytime, but the truth is if my husband presses the emergency alarm he needs emergency services, not a neighbor.

The woman from the alarm company is coming out to the house on Monday and I don't anticipate a problem with not providing any keyholder names, but we shall see. She said that first they try to speak to the person via the base station, if they cannot make contact they call the home number, and if that does not work they call each keyholder in turn (assuming there are any), and then they call emergency services. She indicated when I talked to her on the phone it was not a concern if there were no keyholders.

Oh, I forgot - we are going to have a key box installed on the house. It is a coded secure box which will contain the house key. The alarm centre gives the code to emergency services, when required.

Maybe you could ask again?

I carry an emergency card with me, and have the number on my phone. There is also a sticker on the fridge door, I was told that this is the first place emergency services have to look at.
I also have a coded key safe on the outside wall, behind a down pipe, the police fitted it and said that it should not be in public view. Only those that need to know, already know where it has been fitted. It did cost me £40.00 though!!

I also have telecare fitted by the council , this must be tested every month to test the strength of the battery.

Care take,