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Hello, my father is in his early 80s, and has LBD. My mum is in her late 70s, and totally worn out. They are in East Sussex. Unfortunately, I am in Cornwall - a 6 hour, 300+ mile drive - and see them far too seldom.

They have recently had a visit from Social Services, who appraised my Dad’s finances and told my Mum that my Dad will have to pay for everything.

I am hoping that someone out there, perhaps local to them, has some strategies and tips in dealing with SS on financial issues.

Thank you.
I don't know what you mean by "everything", but the Citizens Advice Bureau will have someone who specializes in benefits, disability and care - so that is a source to check for help.
You could try ringing CarersLine - they are probably the best people to ask for advice because each case is different depending on personal circumstances. Their number is 0808 808 7777 and they are available Wednesday and Thursday 1000 - 1200 and 1400 - 1600.

You could also try your local CAB office or Carers Centre (the numbers should be in your local telephone book).