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Washing machine tamper proof locks - Carers UK Forum

Washing machine tamper proof locks

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Has anyone designed a washing machine lock that can stop adults with learning disabilities getting into them?
We have a 29 year old Down's syndrome son who will go into the washing machine or tumble dryer and take his underwear out and put them on.
If the washing machine has finished it's cycle and I've turned my back, he will get out wet clothes and put them on.
We have a door lock (the round handle ones that can only be opened with a key), on the kitchen door, (where the washing machine lives), but it's not always convenient to lock (if my hands are full taking out the rubbish etc).
We can't put the clothes into the tumble dryer while my son's about as that lives in the downstairs toilet, where he needs constant access to the toilet after having part of his bowel removed.
We have tried child proof locks but he's so strong he can pull them off in the blink of an eye. I'm terrified he's either going to come down with pneumonia wearing wet underwear or get badly burnt wearing very hot underwear.
Hi Jody.

An Internet search using the heading of your thread reveals many products which may suit your requirements :

https://www.google.com/search?q=washing ... =firefox-b
I don't know of adult proof locks. They could be housed in cupboard units, but a cheaper solution could be an extra long ( or several joined together) bike locks wrapped right around the machine. Locking bars would also be effective and less fiddly than the bike cables, but would need fixing to something.

If clean, dry underwear was left on top of or infront of the dryer/washing machine, would he put these on instead.


PS if you stuck contact over the glass door so he couldn't see his undies in there, would that help.