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Help with costs? - Carers UK Forum

Help with costs?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Can anyone help?

I need extra help at home now,,,bathing and shaving have become impossible. asked for carer to help for 2 mornings a week...1 hour each time ...also a day centre visit once a week to get him out and talking to people (hopefully)....this adds £100 a month to outgoings ....a lot when i work out all the bills etc.
Also after a year finally got offered a 2 week respite.....£180...

Is there any help with these costs at all?

any advice grateful, thanks
The £180 is probably for YOU not your caree, to do something for yourself, ie weekend away. Has your caree had a needs assessment from Social/Adult Services? You should have a written copy. If not, ask for one.
The 180 is the cost for the respite home. 100 a month is the cost for the carers to help for 2 hours a week and 1 day in a daycentre.
My uncle has had the assessment and these are the costs...an extra 100 per month is a worry as hes on a basic pension and well below savings threshold.

i get carers allowance my uncle is on disability living allowance
Hi Byrnedjp (I had to type that name very carefully),

I would suggest giving all the facts and figures to the Carers UK advice Line who can advise on such matters as it is such a complex area.

For what it's worth, my mum has savings well below the threshold and is also on a pension with disability living allowance and she has to pay £45 / week towards her care (twice daily visits). Plus the cost of her care line. Your figures don't seem quite right to me though. I am no expert but mum's respite cost was over £500 / week. I don't think £180 would cover the cost of residential care in any part of the country.

Good luck, but the advice care line is definitely your best bet.