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Food that's easy to chew and swallow - Carers UK Forum

Food that's easy to chew and swallow

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
I've found something that helps my husband get his vegetables. He has MSA (multiple system atrophy), which means that he is gradually losing his ability to chew and swallow, so I worry about getting healthy food into him, especially greens. Waitrose -if you can stand the expense- does a really good line in microwaveable bags of freshly prepared vegetables. These are mixed bags of minced cauliflower, kale, butternut squash, lentils and grains that you can cook in the bag in two minutes in the microwave. The pieces are tiny so that the consistency is like rice. I stir in butter or cream cheese to add calories and make it less dry. They are much quicker and easier than mincing the veg yourself, which is great for carers who also work. I think other supermarkets may do something similar (Tesco) does some flavoured rice and veg bags), but I think Waitrose has the best variety.
Because I'm diabetic and steer clear of carbohydrates - no rice, no mashed potatoes etc - I regularly 'rice' cauliflower and broccoli; just boil as usual and then use a potato masher - it's easy peasy, quick and cheaper than buying pre-packed ! You can, of course, add other vegetables like carrots, celeriac, swede and peas etc.
A useful time saving tip, Leslie. Juggling caring and working is tricky and time saving tips are a necessity.

A friend of mine's adult son needs puréed foods, she tends to blend whatever they are eating for him but as not everything is suitable ( e.g. peas and sweetcorn,) she also cooks batches of things and freezes it in large ice cube trays.

I agree those Waitrose microwavable veggie bags are very good. I've only ever tried them when they are reduced in the 'gannet' area, but defo agree with you.
Susie, my pet hate is those stupid bags of 'spiralised' butternut squash or whatever it is that 'pretends to be pasta'.

YUK. WHO ARE THEY FOOLING?? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I find some of the prepared chilled soups are so thick they are more like a stew and quite filling and tasty. Can get good price reductions too. Just two minutes in microwave

The fake rice is easy if you have a strong blender to chop the raw veg, but packs are good for the variety and handy sizes.

In the reduced isle from Sainsburw/o tonight we tried butternut squash cut into crinkle chips roasted with cheese. Tasty and too difficult to cut evenly at home methinks.
Butternut chips? Ye Gods! :( :(

(My problem, though, is that I HATE butternut squash, whatever they try and pretend it is!!!!! :) )

Trying to pretend it's something 'nice' is the equivalent of that other well known oxymoron - 'deliciously low fat'......!!

I agree about the thick soups being almost a meal in themselves.

Plus, with soupls like carrot, you can buy a shop soup, then add your own pureed carrots (or b/nut squash I suppose, if you REALY want it to taste horrible, sigh...:) )
I haven't tried these myself but Wiltshire Farms offers a variety of purreed meals delivered to your home. Meat and 2 veg - that sort of thing.