Wheelchair with straps

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Hi. Not sure if the right section to write on. Can I buy a wheelchair that has straps for her feet, not just for the heels, but for the front bit. I,ve looked online, but cannot see if they have the 2 straps. Thank you
Thank you
Just a thought, but could you use one of those luggage straps that one can buy to secure suitcases? It could be, say, double wrapped or whatever around the feet and the footrest, to keep the foot secure on the footrest?

(And also used maybe, with some padding, if some kind of 'seat-belt' is required as well??)
Yes, Jenny - and I remember my brother's feet used to constantly slip off and then drag on the ground. We once borrowed a strap from the paramedics to tie round both feet and ankles. Just a makeshift method. If you Google 'ambulance strap' you can see the kind of thing - just in case you can't find a more elegant solution.
Ambulance straps sound good! Also, again just a thought, but there might be straps that come from suppliers of gym kit - for example, rowing machines have foot straps that regularly wear out and have to be replaced, so presumably there is a supplier of them somewhere. Also of waist belts too, as weight lifters use them to support their spines.
Thank you everybody for their replies