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driving lessons

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I am sending off for my provisonal soon so that me and my hubby can get a mobility car. Someone told me that i can have free driving lessons cause of this - is this true? I do work full time by the way.
Hi Poppy - try the link below:

http://www.motability.co.uk/main.cfm?ty ... ectId=2169

It says (and this was not originally advertised) that lessons are only for 16-24 year olds. I'm not entirely sure that this is right, though, as I have heard differently - and I'm not altogether sure where this comes in under the Disability Discrimination Act...

I'd call them on the number they provide and check - the worst they can do is say no.
That is a recent change - about 18 months. I applied, but was turned down due to my age. Maybe a social worker could help find an organisation that could fund you
hi i know this may be too late but i been offline for awhile..you can get free first ten hours with the AAdriving school and the after that you have to pay half of every lesson booked in blocks of five or ten...i done tihs course myself and all you do is contact the DLA and ask them about this course age is not an issue as i was 41 when i started my course.....in hope this helps and sorry for the lateness of this reply

take care

ps feel free to contact me if you have any more questions

I had my second driving lesson yesterday, my council are paying for me to pass my test, both theory and practical. It was all part of the "carers plan" they put into place a few weeks ago.

We have a motobility car, but Dave is unable to drive any longer.

So they said that in order for us "to get out" and for my own sense of independence, they will pay with a carers grant. (not that I have any independence, but at least I can FEEL like I do Image )

It took about 10 days from them suggesting it, to me signing the paper for them to pay the driving school.

All you can do is ask. They might be able to come up with something.

Loz x
Hi it all depends where you live! Image

Remember there is no Carers Grant in Scotland. Image

Check your own area before you get your hopes up - I got caught out by this one a few years ago! Image

marie x
Sorry Image

But you are right, I guess I'm very lucky where I live, but as Marie66 says, please check your area, and those that deal with your carers assessment IF you have one/them.

Sorry again

Loz x
Ah loz no sorry's needed! Image

This care and services different in other areas gets us all at times! Image

I'm glad you got lessons all sorted though!
Good luck with them! Image

marie x