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wheelchair - advice needed

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Got my son's "Major Buggy" from OT. It was very basic. We had no rain cover and used an upturned picnic blanket to keep him warm and dry.
I bought Jill's wheelchair from Makro two years ago.(You need to be in business to get an a/c there though, unless you know someone?) it cost me £99. The only other one we could get was a non folding type from our GP. It weighed a ton! I also bought our own commode from a local shop that sold mobility aids etc. £60 The Redcross hired them out but you had to buy the potty for £5 and rent forever. Also the nearist centre was 16 miles away in Exeter.
I dont regret spending out then as it was early days for us and we hadn't got everthing in place ie. benefits AA PC or even a OT. Guess I'd always been so very independant all my life and hated asking for help of any kind. I did eventually get a handrail up the stairs and over the bath from Social Services free. Great service!
Hi Alison,
It's not just about the wheelchair. The cushion is ultra important. A wheelchair could be perfectly fine, but think about what your dad's actually sitting on. You can get cushions via NHS or just buy them online etc. RoHo are pretty good, Jay are the better known ones. It could mean the difference for your dad between sitting on a concrete slab or sitting in a comfy armchair. A bit like travelling in a super Rolls Royce, sitting on a concrete slab... Hmm, nice car - shame about the seating. It's important to prevent pressure sores too (we all know that Christopher Reeve died as a result of pressure sores, leading to his heart attack). Wheelchairs can come with suspension these days, too. We have a large Quickie F55, is electric, the arm rests come off, the footplates come off, the entire backrest comes off and I just push the joystick to drive it up the ramps into the back of the car (hubby goes in the passenger seat). NO lifting required (except to put the other bits in).
I agree with Frandrake. The best cushion I have ever seen for a wheelchair, was used by a paraplegic man I nursed, and he had recieved it from a spinal injury hospital. You know the plastic bubble wrap you can get?Well it is like a huge version of that, and I am sure that Frandrake will know where you can get something like that, with the caring role she has,and she may know whether you have to pay or not.
As lazydaisy says, the plastic bubble wrap type of cushion is a RoHo. Has lots of sections of 'bubbles', which you pump up to a specific hardness, with a little bicycle pump. Ours has four different sections (with numerous bubbles in each), which you can pump up to differing hardnesses. Hubby finds it much better comfort-wise than the gel cushions (but everyone is different). You can find out more about them on their website (type in RoHo in a search box thingy) or ask at a local wheelchair centre, via your doctor's surgery. OR specialist mobility places on the high street.