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wheelchair - advice needed

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My Dad needs to buy a lightweight, folding wheelchair for occasional use. So far he has found the wheelchairs we've hired for him to be very uncomfortable. Has anyone any advice on what would be a good buy?

You could try e bay or amazon as they usually tell you the weght and all of the other dimensions. Take Care Alison Image
Hi Allison

You could try the Disabled Living Foundation. They provide free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment including wheelchairs. www.equipmentdirect.org.uk.

Hope this helps

why buy a wheelchair see your G.P. he should make sure you get the disability aids your father needs
I tried this route a couple of years ago. The only wheelchairs available via GP were large, heavy, non-folding ones.

So how I was supposed to get her to hospital (25 miles away) for appointments, I don't know. Maybe buy a lorry or push her all the way.
I got Mum's from our local mobility shop - you can even get them in Argos now and they are very light and do fold right down, just remember to put the brakes on the wheels before you pick it up and put it in the car boot, the first time I did it I nearly took 3 fingers off!

Paula xx
Whatever you do, look it over before you buy. Find out whether it's the right height for you to push, whether it's too heavy to carry, how it folds down, if the person you're caring for can get in and out ok (and operate the brakes, ideally, if they can be trusted with them Image ). Will it fit, folded down, in your car boot? One thing that caught us out: how do the handles fold back? If they're sprung, and the spring is held in place by a screw, they may work loose. This happened to my parents a few years ago. If they operate like a bolt, they'll need a little lubricating every now and again but they won't work loose.

And only when you're satisfied, it's worth getting. There are many different types of wheelchair, and they all operate slightly differently.
Image Alice got her wheelchair from Social Services Occupational Therapist (OT) folds up into the back of the car. gratis/free.
I assumed thats what everybody did.
Gordon Image
Many thanks for all the advice. We are now able to go ahead and get one.


Allison Image
I realise quite a bit of time has passed on this thread, but would like to add the following...

Three cheers for the Red Cross! I hired a folding attended wheelchair for my husband - the idea being that he would start to take short walks with me and build on this each day, and if he ever got into difficulty, hey presto! a wheelchair (but he refuses to walk anywhere, the oedema is getting worse and he's unsteady on his legs now, sigh). However, the Red Cross in Preston found they had a chair I could buy for £40 which had been serviced and so on, I said thank you very much and if our need for the chair goes away and it is still serviceable I will donate it back and someone else can be helped.