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Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Hi, Has anyone got any advice on how and what to put on the dla forms? as in my opinion they are designed to catch you out.

We are in the process of trying to get the mrs on a middle or higher rate of care. She is now on the low rate of care and the high rate of mobiliy, she has been on these for the past 6 years. she also gets SDA and some income support. I get no carers allowance. Her health has deteriorated a lot over he last few years, she has mainly muscle weakness problems incl MG. she can not go out without me to hold onto.

Some advice on the best way to fill in the DLA forms would be apprecaited as dla have said the claim could go eitheir way and they have said that they will have to look at the mobility claim too at the same time. by the way I have asked a local CAB and benefit advice shop but they said they no longer give advice on what to put on forms or how to fill them in.


You're absolutely right, the DLA form is a tricky bugger at the best of times, it's not just you.

I recommend that you subscribe to the Benefits and Work website - they have a downloadable & printable pdf telling you how to word your replies to give your wife the very best possible chance of getting the level of DLA whose criteria she meets (touch wood, without having to go to appeal). There's another one for AA, and there are guides for other benefits if these are needed.

It's not free, but AFAIK it's £20 for a year at most (for benefit claimants), and if it gets you the DLA (plus enabling you to get Carers Allowance) it'll be well worth it.

For further reading, get hold of "the Disability Rights Handbook" (people on IS and some other benfits can get it posted to them at a reduced price, but your library should have a copy of it in the reference section.)

I wouldn't usually recommend it as a first resort, but seeing as your local CAB are useless... Image Good luck, and give 'em hell.
Here are some tips what I was suggested before:
1. write down every details of what she is unable to do clearly with a bit of drama.
2. do not leave any space out - even if you repeat the same stuff twice or more, better not to do.
3. write down what kind of support you are providing and
4. how it is affecting you
5. try to think that you are explaining to a newbie at DLA who do not have any ideas of you and your wife's life.
6. filling in a pencil first (I was told so and it helps) and read them before using a black pen!
7. keep photo copy and send it by recorded delivery - they are so good to lose documents.
8. include any supportive letters or documents (of your mrs' condition) togather

Can you find any advocacy worker in your area? They are very good in my town.

I know form filling is very daunting, but your mrs is on DLA already so it should be fine Image

Best wishes & take care
The only things I'd add to Fluffycat's advice is to jot your answers down on a piece of paper first - and really think about the questions. Don't think in terms of "can you dress yourself" but "HOW do you dress yourself" - that is, what do you have to do to get a certain item of clothing on, or get into/out of a bath. Break down everything into small steps.

The reason for that is that we often do things without thinking about them - it's an automatic response like changing gear in a car: but if you've ever driven you may remember your first couple of lessons when you wondered how you'd ever learn...

Hi mate - hope ure ok

No, on low rate personal care you won't get any Carer's allowance

it's only payable on Middle or high rate, there are no exemptions