What do you do with yourself when you have a 'break'?

Share your ideas about the practical side of caring.
Well it's not so much a break as much as my husband is in hospital...again. But when I'm not at the hospital visiting/sorting things out, I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm so used to being with my husband 24/7 and helping him with everything, so just have no idea what to do with myself when alone/have free time.

I've done all the usual 'self care' stuff...nice long baths, doing nails, reading, cooking myself something nice. I'm just bored out of my mind and at a loose end really.

Does anyone else feel strange when they don't have their caring responsibilities daily?
Sorry to hear your husband is back in hospital Jess.
I used to find it draining when my now late hubby was hospitalised, numerous times. The journey, the anxiety, left me very lacking in motivation. I'm now feeling brain fogged, as the formalities of his death are nearly over. Anxiety kicks in at the least little thing.
I know it's not an answer for you, am just letting you know I can understand you feeling at a loose end.
Yes I remember lots of odd feelings. The first few times I just sat numb and battered in a coffee shop. it's like being redundant.
Must be even harder as you don't know when he will be out again. If you are sure he's going to be in for a while, could you sneak in a a quick break away, a visit to family or friends or a mini holiday? I know youd feel guilty but it would be beneficial physically for yourself.

While at home futurelearn.com does thousands of online free courses on a range of subjects. It may look like some need paying for but only if you want a certificate

It's a good opportunity to do some exercise and get used to practising meditations or yoga type things too... all good stuff for when the full time caring ramps up again.

Oh, and of course you can help out answering posts on here. We are a bit short of posters at the moment ;)