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honeypaws here again. Needing advice.
Mum has just been diagnosed with wet AMD. Basically she has had dry AMD for a couple of years with not much bother. Over the last couple weeks though her vision was getting blurred. A trip to the opticians two weeks ago, found she had wet AMD in her left eye. We were sent to eye A&E. where it was confirmed. She got an appointment for one week later to the macular clinic. Couldn't believe to be told it had started in the other eye only 7 days later, really frightening for her and me that her vision is going so quickly. On the 1st December she will start a course of injections in her eye. 2 per month for 3 months. She is terrified. With Mums dementia it is so difficult to explain what's happening, i know it won't cure it but hopefully stop it getting worse. The doctor wasn't that helpful. What I'm hoping to find out is there anyone out there who has had this treatment or cared for someone who has. What's involved etc and does it work, or has it made a difference.
Please help,
Honeypaws x
Hi there,
Don't know anything about the injections but my Mum is 84 and started with wet macular 14 years ago in both eyes. The injections weren't in existence then and the only treatment was to laser the places where the bleeding was happening. I think they were over zealous with the laser and a couple of years ago she had a retinal bleed in one eye taking away all vision in that eye. Mum has been on warfarin for the last few years and I think this made the bleed more likely but as we were told at the time 'would you rather have a heart attack or stroke?' Catch 22.
In August Mum had a bad fall and bled into the front of the other eye and is now completely blind. I'm telling you this to try and make you feel better, even with all of the lasering and things going against her health-wise she has only now become completely blind. With AMD you usually keep what is called your navigational vision, Mum's case is rare. Unless your Mum's bleeds are particularly fast in coming on the chances are she will always have some vision. Is the doctor aware that your Mum has dementia, maybe she could be given something to help calm her on the day of treatment, perhaps you could ask the advice of her GP. Sorry I couldn't help about the injections but I have heard they're not as bad as people think they are going to be. I had cataract surgery a few months ago and they only use numbing drops and it was a bit strange but certainly not painful at all. Hope I've been of some use
Hi Sharon,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear your mum lost her vision, she has gone through so mum, bless her.
I am making an appointment with GP to see if she is able to give her something to help keep her calm as you suggested. My mum is also on warfarin, I often wonder if they are more trouble than there worth!
Mum had both cataracts done about 5 years ago and that was also with only numbing drops and had no problems, she didnt have the dementia then, so I remind of how well that went with just drops, I think it is helping. I have told hospital docs about her dementia but they just seem to ignore it. We got her list of injection appointments today, they start on 1st December, through to March.
Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.
Sorry - seem to have missed the time of this treatment. How did she cope and is the other eye compromised too?
Hi to everyone who may of read my last post.
I feel so ashamed to have sent it. Mum has gone blind in one eye, so quick. She is still having injections in the other eye, but not much hope. I was having a really bad day anyway so that topped it. Mum is much worse too. I was so exhausted and upset at the unfairness of it all, and I shouldn't of taken it out on others.
It was honestly way out of character, so please forgive me.
Honeypaws X
Don't worry, we all have bad days. It's so tough being a carer on your own, no one to talk to. We were never supposed to live in splendid isolation from the rest of the world. My eldest son was only saying yesterday that he wishes he wasn't always the one on the receiving end of me having a moanfest!!!