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Stopping Scams

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Hey all,
My Grandma was abused by scammers so much she had to go into a care home, has anyone else experienced something similar and have ways of stopping it? I would love to help her stay in her home but I am just afraid she will be abused again!
Thanks for the tips!
Hi Jordan.

Internet search ... PREVENTING SCAMMERS ... a whole forest of links out there with useful information thereon.

A case of adding keywords to narrow down the field ... for example ... CYBER ... DOOR TO DOOR ... PHONE ... etc. ?

2019 ... where there's money , there will always be someone ready to steal it ?
Thanks for the advice! I have tried a fair few but it's not enough!

Have you found a lot of people go into homes because of them being abused by scammers? She can live independently otherwise! I was thinking it might be the area she is in...
Your welcome.

A new one for me ... after 15 years on various forums ... perhaps another reader has either first or third hand experience ?

Certainly reports of vulnerable people being targetted by scammers and ... sometimers worse ... potential drug gangs
for various purposes ... in both the local and national newspapers over the years.
Hello Jordan,

Generally, just be careful and don't trust anyone.. which is a horrible way to have to live really, especially as an older person who will already be very lonely/unwilling to shun any form of company away.

Since we're mostly talking about low tech fraud in this case (telephone, letters/leaflets, door to door etc) a few things you can do off the bat.

CCTV doorbell (RING)
Redirect mail to the post office - so (with permission) you or a trusted person can drop it off weekly AFTER getting rid of the dodgy leaflets (huge surge in leaflet scams right now)- theres a form for this online
If person uses a landline still (likely) get one which blocks un-approved numbers but make sure you set it up properly.
Encourage "good behaviours" - like only getting the front door at certain hours, and if they are actually expecting a visitor.

Just passing through

Best Wishes

Have you thought about Power of Attorney for finances so that only you can authorise expenditure?
A few years ago Mum answered the door to this HUGE Man insisting he wanted to sort out our garden, Mum said no and closed the door.

At this point I came into the living room to find this Man peering into our living room. I think if I hadn't appeared he would have forced his way in, or knocked on the door and forced Mum to pay for his work. It's a scary world we live in..
For door to door scammers, a "beware of dog" (Rottweiler not poodle!) sign and house under surveillance sign. I think you can buy dummy cameras that look like real thing only cheaper. I had the LA put the lockbox around the back of house so it was not in full view. Perhaps enough to have any would-be bad people go next door.