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hi my name is willow i am a carer to my son

i need help and advise

my problem is i am very over weight and i have 4 hernias 2 of them are by my pelvic and 2 are by my bellybutton on both sides

right i need help to get my self sorted

i dont eat right .. i have high blood presure i am animic and the gp has put me on iron tabs i also take antidpressent tabs ...

i do see a diteshion as well but i need more help i need to lose this weight faster as i have gained more in the last couple of weeks i now weight 148 kg
it kills me to see what i look like
i hate looking in the mirra
i cant walk long distancese as my hernisa calide with my legs when i walk and i sufer from a bad back ..
i am falling to pices

gp has given a a creipt for the locale gym .. ( i cant do weights or tredmill ) i dont think anyone understands my problem
i feel as if i am not getting the right suport

my son needs me and i need to get my self sorted

or i wont be round for long and thats a big no no

so please any one who can help me with any info
please it will be most welcome

my dietishion is putting me on slim fast shakes as i have fales teeth but my bottom teath are lose and the dentish said nothing he can do as the bone in my lower jaw is garn so i can eat hard foods .. only soft things
i cant stomic soup or lentes i have tryed
i have garn off yogart

i tend to only eat 2 times a day

i have try eating 3 times but then it seams i get more hungar and need to eat more

ahhhhhhhhhhh man this is so hard

my spelling is bad i know i am dislecsic..

can anyone help i speak better than what i type..

thank you

Hi willow ((((Hugs)))) to you. Image

Don't try to rush things, in my experience trying to cut from eating what you like, when you like, to only eating three times a day has got to be hard!

I think cutting back the amounts is easier, so instead of having 2 biscuits with tea, have 1 or with a meal bag up on veggies and take a smaller portion of sweets rather than try to do without the sweet things all together!

On the exercise front - I hate it with a passion! but I do like Tai-Chi and it's slow and gentle!

You won't burn loads of calories but you will tone up a LOT!

I didn't lose weight at all with Tai Chi but I did drop a few dress sizes and felt real good for it so maybe give it a try?
My local Carer Centre runs FREE Yoga and Tai Chi classes every so often so try the one near you if you're interested!
Also try local community centres as Community Learning run cheap or free classes too!

I hope this helps a bit remember you are not alone!
There'll be lots of people struggling with weight issues so I'm sure they'll offer other advice too!

Willow, you sound a lovely person, remember to love yourself first!! and then take the rest slowly! Image

marie x
Weightwatchers are offering free membership this month if you register online.

But I think you could maybe benefit from seeing a dietician.

I do understand where you are coming from - I was 16 stone 3 years ago and in 18 months I lost 6 stone. But please dont starve yourself as it can make you very ill.

I cut down on little things like changing milk from full fat milk to semi skimmed although fully skimmed milk is actually supposed to be really good for you - I also cut down on cheese and started draining fat off the food I was cooking.
Fish and chicken is better for meals at the end of the day as they metabolise better and give you what you need.
I stopped taking sugar in tea -used to be 2 sugars now I take 1 sweetner in my tea. Not eating after 7pm (although that may be difficult) is good for you as you wont go to bed with a lining of fat laying in your tummy settling.
If you drink more water - you will be less hungry and eating smaller meals. Its not about how much you eat but what you eat and also getting exercise. I started off buying myself a step machine and used that before I got the guts to get into a swimming costume and after 6 months of swimming 3 days a week - I had lost 4 stone and started going to the gym - this might be difficult for you but social services can probably help fun going to an aerobics class. Where I used to live I got reduced membership with the local leisure centre because Im on benefits..

I am anemic also and I still am even though Ive lost 6 stone.

I went a little overboard with losing weight though and I wouldnt like to see anyone go through it. I lost too much and went down to a size 6, 7 stone and it was only 15 months ago that I was in hospital for a week. Because I had gone too far and was obsessed with how I looked.
I went for counselling which really helped and Im now Im much better.

Happy New year hunny, and good luck.


Marion x