Waterproof MATTRESS, not pads, covers etc

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hey all,

further to my original post http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=8325 i have had a couple of favourable of responses from charities, no definites but requests for quotes etc. Further to this, i have been googling waterproof mattresses. Had a few hits but mainly getting ads for those useless protectors etc. Can anyone provide links or info to WATERPROOF MATTRESSES? Ideally we want a double, with a divan base but thats not set in concrete. What i'd really like is something like the NHS use.

Need answers pretty quick because i need to get these quotes off asap

thanks all

no 1

no 2

Will see if I can find any more later

Have you asked your social services? We got a double waterproof mattress through them.Your GP can refer you.

Most areas these days have local shops that sell disability aids etc.You could get a quote from them too.
Hi Rory

it's a propad matress you want

they are simply brilliant, they satrt at around £167

we got ours after a 15 year wait and fight ,

ask Social services for a carers assessment, and then ask them for your share of your annual carers budget your entitled to which will pay for it

they'll think, how did he find that out

cos they should have told you

i if you need me to can even tell you where to get one from

best wishes