Antiseptic Hand Gel/Hand wash

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Image Evening all, can I ask please if any one knows of a supplier of the above, spoke to GP/Pharmacist all they have got is the hospital stuff its as good as paint stripper!! I understand.
Many thanks
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You can order it online in places such as on this post just below yours re no rinse


in any general chemist such as large ones or smaller independant ones! The ones I have had from chemists has been fine!

I like the larger bottles which I can then fill my smaller bottles again ideal for bags/car etc when going out and about!

I have just ordered some from no rinse and so will see what this is like! They say the order is despatched and so I should be able to feed back on it soon!

I use "Cuticura" hand gel available from semi-chem at 99pence a bottle. It is very concentrated, smells of cucumber and a little does go a very long way. The container fits in a pocket or handbag and I bought a boxful and have them all over the place so I am never caught without it. Much kinder to hands and kills 99% of germs.

It is available at chemist shops too, but at double the price.

Of the hospital type ones, spiragel seems to be the kindest to hands, provided no hacks or cuts are on the hands as it sends you through the roof. At this time of year it is hard not to have hacks.

Take care
Image Thank you very much